Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later Spoiler Thread

just wanted to start a thread for the new series. 

I'm just starting Ep3.

I would usually say something like"it amazes me how this show can still be funny every time it comes out" but it's pretty clear these guys understand comedy. 

Feel free to talk about the entire series. Enjoy some Camp Firewood!


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I watched it last weekend, and like the movie and the first series, it was silly but hilarious. I love it and everyone in it. Not enough Paul Rudd, though. And was that Matt-Dillon-from-Singles look a thing as early as 1991?
    [Deleted User]Travis
  • i haven't seen it yet but...  are there really spoilers for this kinda thing?  lol.
    [Deleted User]
  • @dee he looks EXACTLY like him ha. I never heard of Singles but the stills I found are identical. I'm assuming the early Grunge days it would be more common. My guess is Paul Rudd was doing Avengers stuff so he didn't have a lot of time. 

    Shame Bradley Cooper couldn't come back but Adam Scott did a great job. That was my favorite story line. HUGE payoff in Episode 8 when they reveal it was a show and they tried calling her out. Their faces were priceless and then again at the 1 year later Dinner "this is our life now".

    Hopefully in a couple years they try another one just for the hell of it. Showalter and Wain are gold together.
  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    edited August 2017
    Enjoying tha MFin' shit out of this right now. Damn I love and miss that humor style from The State troop and extended clique.
    TravisDee[Deleted User]
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