310 - Chapter Thirty Six

Director: Unknown
Writer: Unknown


  • Did anyone get a Rick Grimes/Governor-face-off-in-the-woodshed vibe during that Underwood-Petrov meeting in the Jordan Valley? I know I did.

  • edited March 2015
    Frank's scenes with Petrov and Thomas in this episode were among my favorite this season, really great performances from everyone involved. I believe that if Frank didn't have political ambitions, he would rather have a romantic relationship with a man than a woman. His interactions with men, both with his childhood friend in season one and with Thomas in this episode, are very tender and romantic while his interactions with women are driven more by power and/or pragmatism. I believe he greatly respects Claire and feels indebted to her, but he cannot be tender and vulnerable with her the way he seems to be around certain men.
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