Fantasy Baseball Anyone?

Sorry if this is considered too spammy, but I figured I'd send out a call to the BM community.  (Also, why isn't there a sports category? TV has sports!)

Hello all!  For the past 5 years, I've been in the commissioner 30 team, dynasty baseball league and it's been glorious.  The league is full of guys who love to talk smack, make trades, make barters, make swaps, and be redundant.

Recently, there was a schism in the league.  One of the owners, who had some sway because he hosts a fake radio show, decided to leave the league, and tried to entice others to join him.  He created a rival league called, leaving us short about 5 owners.

If you anyone would like to join, just let me know and I'll shoot you an email with available teams.

Here are some league basics:
  1. This is a dynasty league.  We keep all of our players every year.  You only lose them if you drop them or trade them.
  2. We have 4 official minor league spots, but scouting minor leaguers is super deluxe fun.  You're able to have more if you'd like.
  3. If you've ever wanted to "build a franchise" this is the closest simulation you'd get.


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