I'm worried about everyone's emotions

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    When have you ever seen people *not* get mad about TV? I go off like a frog in a sock about stupid crap like Eastenders!

    Do you even go to this school?
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  • It just goes along with the territory when a show like GoT reaches the heights it has.  It's become HUGE and because of it, people draw their own lines in the sand.  Then, you factor in the internet where people can be keyboard warriors and it just intensifies.  I mean, take Lost as the example.  Look at how that show got people to react to the final seasons/episodes.  it could also be that people think there is more to the story to tell and that things are being hurried along because an artificial deadline was put on the show.

  • I recently listened to an old podcast from season 4 where  the main issue was that the people  got annoyed how Shae was so poorly characterized compared to the book. Those were the days ...
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    Sure, people get annoyed at TV shows all the time, but Game of Thrones is unique - not only is it the biggest show on TV, it's also based off an unfinished book series that some people have been reading for 21 years. The combination of all these different types of fan, all with different expectations for what they want the ending to be, is making people very easily agitated. It's making the discussion surrounding the show insufferable, because it feels like everyone is so mad all the time, whether at D&D or at GRRM or both, and you can't talk them out of being mad. It's only going to get worse the closer we get to the ending.
  • I think feeling are absurd :p crush them with a hammer!
  • KingKobra said:

    I think feeling are absurd :p crush them with a hammer!

    Leave your hammer. You will be quicker without it.

  • I'm not sure if people are Mad, it's just the initial response to being disappointed. Book readers, (which I am not), loved the books because, even as tediously slow at times, that slowness allowed for a lot of intricate details about the characters, their interactions more believable, plus the book is always better than the movie, or in this case, tv series. The double D's had (maybe, not even sure, a couple bullet points to make the story) and since they didn't have the books to go on, I bet HBO, didn't want to invest more time and money on anything other than the story GR Martin has written. So they gave them 16 episodes to wrap up this huge saga. That's a lot of pressure, they have not been writing the material, just interpreting it on tv. How could they possibly come up with a truly genuine believable ending, in such a short amount of time, that would be as intricate and satisfying if GRRM can't even do it.

    So the DD's given no story direction, a time limit of 16 episodes within a set budget, is of course going to make the storyline suffer, no time to flush out a believable ending in 16 episodes. GRRM, I'm positive would probably have to dedicate 3 500 page books to reach an ending.

    The result, is the storyline has to be rushed, in order to do that, the character development and interactions don't make sense, like Ayra, Sansa and Littlefinger, because they don't have time to flesh out that part of the story properly, so it's rushed, and as a result it doesn't make any sense, and does not fit into their characters storylines, or characters, to do it properly it would properly it would have to play out in 12 episodes, like it normally would, but in order to do that, for it to make sense, the other subplots would each need a 10 episode season to work, and there are a lot of subplots going on, so just following the storyline that happened in this season, would normally take 3 seasons. Condensing the same storyline in 7 episodes, there has to be a lot of unbelievable time travel, like going to get a wight, Gengry, making it all the way back to the nights watch to send a raven, that reaches Danny, who can fly all the way past the wall to rescue everyone. All in one episode. As a non-book reader who has no patience for the same storyline in this episode to Take two whole seasons, I am glad so much is happening, the story moving fast. But, I have realized that the story really suffers and I get the disappointment.

    FYI, what I outlined above, matches almost every official review from, newspapers, got websites, Vox, etc. And,all the individual anger/ disappointment and critiques about a particular thing mentioned In those articles match everything said in the Baldmove, Beyond the Wall thread.

    Until GRRM, writes those books, which increasingly looks like he won't, HBO two season ending is all we got. I personally am grateful HBO has even bothered to give us an ending. I can't think of anyone who would be completely satisfied ending the series last season, the story completely unfinished.

    The story suffers but we get an ending.
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  • Did someone say Lost?
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    Something happened to your show, something bad, two man came into the writers room, and killed it  ...

  • Per official Bald Move protocol:  FUCK LOST AND THE LOST IT LOST LOST IN
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    voodoorat said:

    Per official Bald Move protocol:  FUCK LOST AND THE LOST IT LOST LOST IN

    I watched lost, but now I am found. Thank you.
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    Yeah, please get Lost. :-)
  • You guys. I am looking for binge recommendations. Would you recommend Lost? I've heard so much about it.

    I'd recommend trying a couple episodes out and see if you like it. That's the nice part about TV, you can quit whenever something doesn't click for you. I binged the first 4 seasons and probably should have just stopped there, but it's quite the rabbit hole... 
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  • I'm fine!, I'm fine!, I'm fine!....really...I'm fine
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