Questions about the magics and ressurection

Couple of things, first off, new to the forum, love the podcast. I searched a bit here and do apologize if any of this has already been talked about...

Through S07E06, spoilers for anything up to this point.

1: Does Sam know about Jon's death/resurrection? Seems Sam does know that Jon was at Winterfell, and therefore it can be assumed that he also knows that he is King of the North. I only ask because being that Sam has been at the Citadel most of this season he could have looked into the whole Lord of Light resurrection thing.

2: Benjen "Coldhands" states to Bran at the end of season 6 that he cannot cross the wall, due to wards/magics preventing the dead from crossing. To my knowledge this is the only time in the show that there is any statement about this. I won't argue the why or how as far as the dead brothers awakening in castle Black back in season 1, or the did he/didn't he destroy the wards when Bran crossed the wall at the beginning of this season. What I am curious about is how exactly Jon and company would be able to bring the Wight back to Eastwatch without it exploding or otherwise "unreanimating".

2a: Expanding on this a bit. In "Beyond the Wall" the writers have established that there is a type of "hive-mind" with the dead, both when Jon killed the Wight and the dead he had brought back all dropped, and later when the Hound threw the rock and got a kind of group response from them. What exactly is the range the Wights have with this? And why wouldn't the Nights King just sever the connection to the one that Jon's group has taken.

3: Okay, this one may be a bit nit picky, and I apologize. It seems that the Night King needs to take down the wall, and it seems with no Horn of Winter, the next best thing is a dragon. I have been on the ice dragon train for a while, and I guess that Viscerion is the closest thing to a true ice dragon that the show could get. That said, I have thought for a while that the resurrection ability that the NK has would not work on dragons, the NK is essentially a being of Ice, and the dragons of Fire. I just thought that the dragons being magical creatures, whose fire is used to create the steel that can kill the Wights would be at the least immune to this. (I'm ranting here... sorry).

The show hasn't pushed the three heads that much, but the general idea was that there would be three riders, Dany, now Jon, and a possible third in either Tyrion or more recently Gendry (he does have targarian blood). With this latest turn of events I am wondering if the Night King could be of Valerian decent, it is established that the Targarians are descended from the Valarians. Just a thought.

Final side note: For fans of ASoIaF: Theory: Jon and Dany fall in love, final battle Jon wargs into Rhaegal, Danny is forced to kill Jon's body, thus fulfilling the Lightbringer deal, Jon lives on as Rhaegal. They are together, and apart at the same time.

Thanks for reading, and again my apologies if this is all already out there.


  • Some attempts at answers:

    1) Would have to guess no as I think Jon sent Sam away while he was still at Castle Black.  Now, the realm may know that Jon won the battle of the bastards and has been named King of the North, I'm not sure how much details actually got out about the brothers of the Night Watch actually killing Jon and him being resurrected.  And also note, that Dany asks Tyrion if he knew what Davos meant about taking a knife in the heart and Tyrion thought it might be a figure of speech.  So I'd guess that this information isn't exactly public.  But if Sam knew, well, so be it.

    2) I think Jon's thoughts process/logic is that he saw a wight re-animate in Castle Black so he's just guessing that a wight can be taken passed the wall.  He can't know for sure though as the wight that did re-animate was a dead ranger that was brought back and didn't show any signs of moving prior to being brought back. 

    2a) Can't know for sure, but don't know if the WWs or NK can just flat our sever a connection once it's been made.  They can give orders which can be followed but to tell it to stop moving or go back to being dead, not entirely sure if that's possible.

    3) I'd say the resurrection ability can work on anything that has died.  So, since the dragon is dead, it's fair game.

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