Jim Jones vs Dan Ryckert

MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
Last night on the Giant Bomb Facebook page, I noticed someone sharing the Bald Move Game of Thrones podcast for episode 704. It was shared because someone noticed one of the hosts was talking shit about Dan. I listened to the clip and really Jim just said he hated Dan.

I've been a Giant Bomb fan for a long time and honestly, I can see why Dan would bug people. His persona is a bit much sometimes and the Dan heavy episodes can get real annoying. But I would say that overall, I like Dan. He's made me laugh way more than he's bothered me.

So what say you, @Jim? I'm not making this to be a Dan bashing party or anything but I am curious on your thoughts.


  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
    Dan adds a ton to whatever he's in but he can be annoying as shit a lot of the times with the selfish way he goes about everything he does. The MGS series is why I signed up to the site in the first place but I can't even watch him play Battlegrounds without wanting to tear my eyeballs out. You have to take the good with the horrifically frustrating with him.

    I will say the Beastcast is the best it's ever been with him and Abby joining.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    Yes! Metal Gear Scanlon was great! I sure do miss Blinking White Guy! Ha!

    I really like Abby! I like Ben too, as long as he doesn't do any accents. And honestly, I'd prefer Jeremiah being on every episode.
  • bizmarkiefaderbizmarkiefader San Francisco
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    Jeremiah absolutely killed me. It's nice to know Dan does understand what a monster he is behind the scenes.

    That whole podcast where they had the discussion on how many architects would be needed to colonize a planet and then Dan went into his college career was amazing.
  • Dan... *huge eyeroll*
  • I've been a big fan of Game Informer (where Dan worked before Giant Bomb) and he was the exact same with less logic.  I think that's the biggest issue. He has a lot of strong opinions about a lot of topics, but he doesn't really have any good way to back up his claims.  And then when you watch him play a game, it just multiplies.
  • Dan is the epitome of a trait I find annoying in a lot of people, where he just believes whatever was said by the last person he talked to about any given subject. He exudes curiosity, but instead of bothering to get research from an authoritative source he just asks whoever happens to be around questions about subjects they have no particular expertise in and takes what they say as gospel.

    That said, he definitely brings a lot of energy to their team.
  • Abby is great.  I have no patience for Dan
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