403 - Miscellaneous

Another really strong episode I thought, especially if you like Gordon getting extremely annoyed at things - his train metaphor to describe Joe and Cameron was great. Donna also gave us one of the most uncomfortable TV dinner scenes since Jesse ate with Walt and Skyler in Breaking Bad.

Also, it looks like the show is taking a week off, so don't look for a new episode next week - it'll air on September 9 instead.


  • Agreed, another great episode. It seems "perfect" that Donna is going up against her daughter. It also seems Haley has done what a number of "top" programmers were struggling to do. So far this season has been really strong, sad that they took off a week, but understand with the holiday weekend coming up.
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Yes, and I like how Joe half-assedly finished the train metaphor point then was immediately interested in something else.
  • Agreed across the board. Another fantastic episode. Donna vs. Haley/Gordon/Joe/Cam - oof, this is not going to be pretty. 
  • This HTML stuff is weirdly relevant to my current work. Angry Gordon gives the best monologue, that train metaphor was "mwah" perfect.
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