Predestination: A New Cult Classic?

I had never heard anything about this movie before I saw it online. I watched it one night before going to bed and this movie kept me up for hours after watching it.

This movie is a real mind $!%* with plenty of twists and turns. I don't want to spoil anything because this is one of those movies where the first viewing is the best, and knowing too much will ruin it for you.

The story is great, they internal logic (I think anyway) hold up pretty well, and the acting by unknown actress Sarah Snook was phenomenal.

This is a movie you really should see. You might not think its great, but its original and well made. I would love to hear what other people who have seen this movie think. 



  • I enjoyed this movie quite a bit. Sarah Snook was spectacular. Worth it just to watch her performance.
  • brewseveltbrewsevelt Boston, MA
    Agreed. Was home sick the other day and looking for something to watch. Didn't have any expectations at all and was pleasantly surprised. Will definitely watch again.
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