Proposed Final SENATE / "House of Lords" for GOT

I posted this on Reddit too, but as Bald Move is my favorite GoT podcast, I'd really love to hear Jim's, A.Ron's and this forum's view on my endgame theory.

Jim and many others have speculated about GoT ending with democracy.  Despite approaching the last season, there are many minor characters still alive, and taking up precious screen time (ahem, Theon).   Here is my prediction of how the "7 Kingdoms"/9 Regions will be represented by the series end in some form of democratic body, i.e., a House of Lords or a Senate.  This correlates well with certain characters remaining alive (Edmure, Ellaria, Robin), certain others dying (Dickon Tarly), and others demonstrating leadership characteristics (Sam, Theon, Sansa, Gendry).

My list:
  •      The North  (House Stark ) -- Sansa Stark
  •      The Vale of Arryn  (House Arryn ) -- Robin Arryn
  •      The Riverlands  (House Tully/Frey) -- Edmure Tully
  •      Iron Islands  (House Greyjoy ) -- Theon Greyjoy
  •      The Westerlands  (House Lannister) -- Jamie Lannister
  •      The Stormlands  (House Baratheon) -- Gendry
  •      The Reach  (House Tyrell/Tarly) -- Sam Tarly
  •      Dorne  (House Martell) -- Ellaria Sand
  •      The Crownlands  (House Targaryen/Baratheon/Lannister) -- Jon Snow/Aegon Targaryen
 Of course, this does kindle speculation about who is 'expendable' in Season 8 for some dramatic ends....   ;-)

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-Maester Will


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  • Yes - there is that EW interview.   However, after 7 years, the DDs are become very good at misdirection.  Doesn't it seem odd that Indira Varma (Ellaria) has a formal interview with Entertainment Weekly, and drops a meaningful plot spoiler.  All these actors and actresses know they can NOT say anything material about the upcoming story.  Yet that comes out first thing in a formal recorded interview?!?  The DDs have had actors on sets for fake scenes when paparazzi were around, and didn't Kit Harrington say the exact same thing about his character being dead dead after Season 5?! 
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  • I think it's more likely that Yara will still be standing at the end, for some damn reason, than Ellaria, out of those two captives. The show keeps dangling Yara but Ellaria hasn't been mentioned since Ep. 2. I bet sacrificing himself and dying in a successful operation to free Yara is how poor Theron's arc will end.
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    No spot for Tyrion?

    Samwell is a brother of the Night's Watch, no lands or titles. And even if Jon kills the Night's King and all the wights and White Walkers die, I certainly hope they don't just end the Night's Watch. The dead will return again in a few thousand years I'm sure. That's what they do.

    Edit: So, obviously I realize Tyrion is Dany's Hand but if she's breaking the wheel, I guess I was thinking his position would be gone. I guess he could still be her top adviser. I also wouldn't be surprised if she got rid of him because he hasn't exactly had the best luck when it comes to strategy lately.
  • For Theon & Yara, it could be either.  If anything is surprising, it is that one hasn't died already.  Theon has one more storyline left this season, which undoubtedly has to do with trying to save Yara, and oh yeah, helping stop Euron and the Golden Company.  I think Yara being alive is only to give the audience a believable rationale that Theon continues to go after Euron, and the payoff for this long, contrived Theon journey is a redemption arc that helps in the final battle via shenanigans with the Golden Company.  You're right @LittleLioness that Theon could die in this attempt, and Tara is the only one left standing, but it seems much more fitting that we cheer for Theon at the end and we get some solace that he's leading the Iron Islands. 

    For Sam, (@Murderbear) in the new world without a functioning Wall, it's easy to surmise that there won't be the same-old-Night's-Watch with the same-old traditions.  Perhaps there's a North-of-the-Wall leader, which would more likely be Tormund or Jorah?  I think Sam is much more likely to want to be back in his home region of The Reach where the Citadel rests, where he could oversee the library, help document history, live happily with Gilly, and be the reluctant leader of the Reach to this new House of Lord's democracy set up.

    On Tyrion, he's simply too big (Ha!).  He can't represent one small area like Westeros (and they wouldn't accept him as their leader).  I think his only endgame role that is suitable would be Chairing this House of Lords (which would make me happy as a Tyrion fan!).  While the show watchers all know he'd be fantastic at this role, all appearances are that the broader public doesn't know this and wouldn't accept him in this role.  Plus there are simply better options with whichever of the Dany or Jon duo survive.  I predict the most epic and bittersweet moment in Season 8 will be Tyrion's life-ending sacrifice.
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