Using audio clips in podcasts

michielterlouwmichielterlouw Helsinki
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I noticed that the Cast of Kings crew puts short audioclips from the GoT episode into their recaps. Not too often, maybe only twice per episode. But I really like it. It's a nice way to bring me back into the scene, and works especially well if there was a lot of tension in a particular dialogue.


For example, in their most recent podcast (for GoT S07E07), they included a 15 seconds audio fragment from when Cercei told Jamie she had no intention of committing their army to fight the NK. Without the TV image as distraction, you can really hear how well these actors use intonation etc. to express emotions.

@A_Ron_Hubbard, did you guys ever consider doing this in your recaps? Any legal, practical or artistic reason why you wouldn't/couldn't?
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