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Hey all,

Coming up with the tinfoil theory section of the podcast last year by Tuesday was a big strain on me, and I had to abandon a lot of ideas I had to make it better and even more expanded.  Mad Men and Game of Thrones coming out both on Tuesday is just a LOT of deep material to work with, and something has to give to meet our deadlines.  With that thought in mind, I was thinking of breaking it out into it's own podcast to be released on Thursday or Friday.  What would you guys think of that?

This podcast would be dropped in the same feed, but it would be only for Book fans, or those adventurous TV watchers who don't mind being spoiled.  One of the things I'd like to do is splice in Roy Dotrice's excellent readings of the books into sections where I quote passages.  I think it would add a lot to the mix, and it would let me do a better job on some of the more sprawling topics like the Grand Northern Conspiracy which I had to cut in half and still didn't feel like I did it justice. 

The other thought I had would be to take the audio of the Lore cast and turn it into a video, which stills and video from all sources to support the material and make it more interesting, and produce this as premium Club feature.  So everybody gets the Lore cast, and members get the enhanced package.  Another idea is to actually produce and release the video on Thursday, and then drop the audio as a cast on Friday, so getting it in advance would be another premium perk.

Finally, if people like the videos, I thought about going back and "re-mastering" last year's tin foil sections to add Roy and the visuals during the off season to keep interest alive and because I fucking love this stuff.  I was thinking of recruiting another host for the Lore section, but I think I'd kind of rather do this solo, but I don't know how you guys feel about that.  It was plenty awkward recording by myself, but I didn't get any complaints...

Thoughts? Any of your own?  What would you be looking for in an enhanced lore cast, and do any of these features seem compelling enough to justify delaying it a few days to achieve?


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Really love the book podcast idea and Conspiracy theories if you guys can handle a 2nd podcast.  We can gather conspiracy ideas on the forum too.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
    Sounds great to me. Whatever makes the job easier.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
    edited March 2015
    This an awesome idea, the tinfoil section was great last year, one of my favourite things about your coverage.

    I think the cast would benefit a lot from Roys voice for the long quotes, that'll help segment the prose from your commentary.

    If you felt like putting the effort into making the videos with the stills, that would produce some awesome content and I for one would love to see.
    I really wouldn't  be concerned about separating it out into two casts, considering the amount of work that goes into the tin foil sections. It would be better to treat it as something separate A) it relives the pressure on what is i'm sure a huge show to cover  already & B) It'll stand out as extra content, added value kind of proposition for the show.

    I'm not sure on the release because the youtube videos might attract viewers in their own right. 

    The GOT podcast already has a huge listenership so it might be better to focus on converting those people into club members with an extra hook. 
    One idea maybe do the videos as a club perk week to week then maybe a general release the last week of the show.. with heavy promotion in the penultimate cast.

    You may have seen the links below before, it's different as they're primarily youtubers not podcasters, they're duo of video producer/presenter so different to what you'd be doing. But still, they attract a huge amount of viewers , similar content hungry GOT fans who'd be interested in seeing the theories come to life with you and Dotrice chewing it over.

    The second link is a dvd extra but really good, I wouldn't expect the production values to be the same as the above, but it'll be in the same vein , and the tinfoil theory has it's own unique proposition.

    So yeh please go for it!

  • Separate episodes focusing on tin foil and lore is a perfect idea. No less work (in fact it sounds like more work) but this would allow you to time shift the creation of it. Do it. 
  • KenzieKenzie Sanger, Tx
    That all sounds great to me. I don't really go out into the internet and read people's GoT theories but I really enjoyed hearing you talk about them and giving all the evidence supporting it and the evidence against it. Also, I thought it was fine with just you as the host.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, that's the idea, those kind of videos minus the cute girl, pink hair, and production values.  The DVD extras are solid gold though, I'm probably going to be using a lot that art in producing the lore videos. 

    Anyway, glad to hear people are onboard!
  • If you use Roy's voice you have to use the clip of his reading of Littlefinger having sex with Lysa. The loud "DO ME"s are a fucking riot.
  • flybox256flybox256 The Deep DIrty South
    edited March 2015

    (Ok, whoever had the idea of a GoT Tinfoil Cast is a fucking genius. Although I think having a co-host for this would be cool if you guys have the right chemistry together, but I like the solo cast. It has more of a conspiratorial feel. It reminds me of the old Art Bell Coast to Coast episodes where he's talking about shadow government and chupacabras. In that vein maybe have a weekly guest host/expert to discuss the subject.)
  • Great Idea!  I think you've been doing a great job solo, but have you ever considered stealing Chang's co host?
  • Chang? A_Ron,your insight, humor and just generally more palatable man-voice is such a nice departure from the typical folks I've heard on even the best ASOIAF podcasts. I felt like a poor fan for being in the dark about TGNC and thought your podcast on that was outstanding in comparison to what I found  when I went searching after becoming enlightened.
    Also, for history and lore fun, the ASOIAF sections of Rouges and Dangerous Women audiobooks are voiced by Ser Jorah Mormont (Ian Glen) himself!
  • Sorry, I meant David Chen's co-host, Joanna.
  • Elio & Linda broke my heart with this video.

    They saw the premier in London and cover some of the major thematic and character differences from the books. I was pretty shocked at what I heard. They are leaving stuff out that I would have thought had to be in the show. I hope the omissions don't mean the total destruction of some of my favorite theories. And not just crackpot theories - at least one theory that's pretty well accepted by many related to Varys motivations for backing Dany.
  • Can we get a tinfoil/preview cast soon? Would like to hear your predictions for season 5 based on the books. I've tried to read the books and failed miserably so I love the tinfoil section that helps connect the books with the show.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I believe the preview cast will come out next week, and I might have a tinfoil/spoiler one ready the week after that, because the week after that GoT starts in earnest.  Can't wait!
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Got to be honest, probably more excited about the tinfoil spoilers as I am about the show itself. I live for that kind of shit.
  • davemcbdavemcb Melbourne
    one of my friends just sent a really odd theory but it might be one of the better thought out theories

    theory being Euron = Daario

    could also be the reason Euron hasn't been cast in the show
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    Lol I think the theory that Euron is a failed pupil of Bloodraven is more likely.
  • Has the Missandei as a Faceless Man theory been covered? I don't really buy it myself but it's a fun in the same vein as the Bolton Vampire theory.

    There's also a Varys Faceless Man theory.

    Anyway, theories about FM and HOBAW would be good since Arya will finally be there this season. These theories would tie in nicely with the show.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Yeah, I have a few silly ones.  The various identities of Benjen Stark.  Varys is a Merman.  Varys is a woman.  Aegon is the bastard son of Illyrio and Varys.  Shit get's cray in tinfoil land.
  • That Winterfell Crypts one goes perfectly with Roosey B Vampire theory. Tons of fun. Also works with the weird Others scene from last season.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    edited April 2015
    What about the Ice Dragon or Dragon living under Winterfell, charging the Hot Springs?  

    Aerys + Joanna = Tyrion.  Aerys + Joanna = Cersei/Jaime.  Oh crap I think you already did Tyrion lol.

    Did you do Faegon the Blackfyre? Son of Ilyrio and his ex wife?
  • HatorianHatorian Dagobah
    edited April 2015
    Aron why do you kick Jim out of the spoiler section? What's he difference between GOT and WD? He hasn't read either the comics or the books so why is he allowed to stay for WD but not GOT? Just curious...
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Nope, I + V = A is on the short list tho. As far as Jim goes, I dunno. Back in the beginning, he was a comic reader (up to the prison arc) and I was the comic non reader. Then he never kept going and I did, so we have this weird thing going where we just do the spoilers together. For GoT, we decided to keep up the shtick of one reader one non reader that Mad Brew and I had. Plus, I don't think he'd ever read that much fantasy. Maybe he'd make it to Feast, but I guarantee he'd not make it further.
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