Bojack Horseman Season 4 Spoiler thread

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This thread is open to discussion of all episodes of season 4, if you don't want to be spoiled please visit the regular Bojack season 4 thread.
Seriously, major spoilers here.


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I've watched 9 eps and so far I've gotta say I'm finding it a bit meh, though I really like the storyline with Princess Carolyn and Ralph.
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    I've seen the whole thing now. Overall I really liked it, but it's definitely not the strongest season of the show (that would probably be season 3 still). I have a few random thoughts:

    - I appreciate that they took BoJack's character arc in a different direction this year; it shows they understand they'd be repeating themselves too much if they just did the pattern of the first three seasons again.
    - To make up for the (comparative) lack of darkness in BoJack's plot, they took some of the supporting characters to even darker places than usual (BoJack's family, Princess Carolyn, and to a lesser degree Diane and PB at the end), in a way that worked really well.
    - The background jokes, signs, puns, character names (Woodchuck Couldchuck Berkowitz!) and crazier plots were as good, if not better than ever this season. Highlights: Mr. Peanutbutter going through the entire plot of a sports movie in two minutes, Jessica Biel starting a fire-worshiping cult, the clown dentists getting Princess Carolyn to a meeting, and just about everything Todd did (this was a great season for Todd).
    - I miss Character Actress Margo Martindale, but it shows restraint on the show's part not to bring her back just for the sake of it (same goes for Vincent Adultman).
    - It was a throwaway joke back in season 1 that Mr. Peanutbutter's House was created by David Chase and Steven Bochco, but I couldn't believe it when I found out that was actually Chase voicing himself in the first scene of the season.
    - "Sometimes life is like season 2 of Friday Night Lights; you just gotta push on through and hope there's better stuff ahead."
  • Also finished the season. Agree re: not as good as season 3 but I think at least as good as season 2 if not maybe better. The stuff with Bojack's mom was really great, I even like the reveal of Hollyhock being his sister. This season makes me believe (perhaps falsely) that Bojack might be the type of typical asshole antihero who ends his show in a better place. Now to wait for season 5 to burn that feeling to the ground.
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    Everything with Woodchuck Couldchuck Berkowitz was real good especially his wife calling him Woodcharles.

    Edit: I knew it, that weird washed up writer guy near the end was Rami Malek, I'd know that slightly sad, slightly manic tone even without the accompanying bug-eyes.
  • I gotta say, season 4 of Bojack is the best thing I've seen this year! This season took the symbiosis of unconventional animation and narrative structure to a new level, in particular in the inner monologue episode ("Stupid Piece of Sh*t") and in the demented memories / Beatrice childhood episode ("Time's Arrow"). In my opinion some of the best episodes the show has done so far. And the final phone call between Bojack and Hollyhock - oh, the feels... It still amazes me how a show with such a silly premise easily outshines prestige dramas when it comes to making profound points about self-confidence, family ties, and personal growth. I cannot wait for Season 5!

  • Those are defiantly highlight episodes. I also liked "The Old Sugerman Place" and "Ruthie".
  • Weird internet fact of the day, the title sequence for this season transitions from Bojack's house to a weird drug trip like delusion of all the people he's wronged, right after he drinks coffee, which his mom drugged.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    The last handful of episodes lifted up what started for me as a pretty mediocre season. The Beatrice one especially was excellent.

    Also, Diane is almost as much of an arsehole as Bojack.
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
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    Time's Arrow continues the trend of great penultimate Bojack episodes. Diana definitely has some issues, I don't know if her and Mr. Peanutbutter will be together after next season. I think Mr. PB has his own issues though so it's not all one sided.
  • I'm on the inner monologue one and I'm loving it. I've never dealt with crippling depression and self-loathing but I get the feeling that's got to be what it's like to deal with it? 

    Agree with everything else that's been said so far in the thread about how good it is compared to other seasons though. I do like that they're exploring asexuality a little, you never see it on TV. Also, Todd has most of my favorite lines so far this season: "I never know if I'm going to be able to handle anything - that's what makes my life so exciting." 
  • Unfortunately I found common cause with Jessica Biel this season, I too hate avacados with a passion.
  • I absolutely loved the Ruthie episode. That turn at the end when you find out Ruthie is Princess Carolyn's way of coping with a terrible day really got me. I totally did not see it coming even though I should have, knowing this show.

    I kept waiting for it to turn around and Ruthie promised it would get better. It was just such a well-written episode.

    Same goes for "Time's Arrow". Those two episodes alone really elevated the whole season for me, which I already thought was pretty great.
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    I agree with Dee (huzzah!), I was kind of unimpressed with this season, but I was blown away by Princess Caroline's miscarriage episode, as well as the final 2 episode arc that turned what we thought we knew about Hollyhock upside down.  Bojack being a big brother is a much better fit, and his face when she suggested they try that as a relationship was as good as anything I've seen Jon Hamm do.

    As a person with a mother who is a complete monster, I loved how they both explained how she came upon her monstrosity, but also didn't really ask you to feel sorry for her.  There were many, many points along the way in her life where she could have chosen a different path, and instead doubled down on the hateful one she was on.   She can be pitied, for sure, but if I were Bojack I'd park her at the shitty old folks home and not look back.

    jazzminawa, yeah, that's pretty much what self loathing and shame cycles feel like.  I've learned to see that monologue as a sinister villain in my life, always trying to sabotage me and my happiness.  I find it useful to just tell it, "shut up asshole", or "fuck off", silently if I'm in a room with others, out loud if I'm alone.  That's all you can do.  No matter how successful or happy I am, he'll be there to tell me it's a fluke and it's all going to be taken away from me just as soon as people wise up and see me for the bullshit artists that I am.  Video games and mindlessly surfing the internet were my "I'm just going to stop in this bar for a quick drink to settle my nerves" move.  It didn't exactly ruin my life, as it hasn't exactly ruined Bojack's, but it sure makes things harder and much more miserable. 
    My dream ending for this show is for Bojack and Dianne to independently seek and receive professional help, and then not get together, because in the end they'll see they're really different people and when they're healthy want different things in life. Of course, that's what I wanted for Don Draper, too, and instead I got this.  
    I think Cecily and I will be doing a Bald Move TV segment on Bojack this week.
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
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    I think Bojack has definitely made some improvements since last season, I don't know if S3 Bojack would have left his mother with that false consolation image.

    I think S3 was overall the better season but a lot of this season really worked for me. I think I've fully solidified my opinion that R&M is the more intellectual show but Bojack is the more emotional.

    Whatever else happened, this has been a solid year for television.
  • Another thing that has impressed me about this show is the way the episodes are constructed and information is revealed. Also I love the recurring gags. Reminds me a lot of Arrested Development in that way.
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