Fantasy Football Payments

Hi All,

I need some help to finally isolate who hasnt paid so i can decide what to do. i have marked all the teams below per league that i could not easily identify has paid either through a message to me or the fantasy email is the same as the bald move email used for paying. 

Some of you would have paid but please comment which team name is yours and the email you used to pay for the league. dont need to give out the full email. something like shockenb**** would work. 

League 2

Damn Fine Coffee
Green Street Elite
Thomas Team

League 1

Bad Guy Fern
Garret Gnarrz
IE Knights
Mahome Bound
Michael H team
Nobody puts Brady in a corner
thomas team


  • these are the emails of people who paid, but they do not line up with your fantasy name, your profile or you fantasy email address. for privacy i am not giving out the full email but you should be able to figure out if its yours. please line up the name of the team above with the email below. 

    raiders 4
    casey h ald
  • I'm shock...@gmail, my teams are Mahomeward Bound and Not a Robot
  • I am gnarzz
  • OliviaDOliviaD Cincinnati, Ohio
    My team is nobody puts brady in a corner and email is Oliviadec....
  • Somebody paid the league 3 fee who is not in league 3. Whoever did this please inbox me as it's messing up the count on payments
  • MrXMrX CO
    edited September 2017
    I'm in league 2,

    Team: Damn Fine Coffee
    Email: casey h ald
  • picorock80picorock80 San Bernardino Ca
    I'm in league 1
    team name : Got a light?
    Email: pico$&
  • Guys still need help answering my above questions
  • heres is the 3 teams i do not think have paid. i have sent emails to them. if no response by weds i will be giving their teams away. 

    League 2

    Green Street Elite
    Thomas Team

    League 1

    thomas team
  • What are the odds you're going to organize this next year ? XD
  • I'm going to have a specific system next year. Also going to make sure the payment site is up well before the draft this time. Already figured it out.
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