Cersei's Story Arc

Just shooting from the hip, but something unrelated from the season-ending Spoilore Edition. Seems to me there should be a very satisfying ending to Cercei's storyline and I started thinking that maybe it's not as straightforward as we might think, but with an eye toward keeping the original prophecies intact.

How about Cersei delivering a baby that ends up being a dwarf? She hates her brother and thinks of him as grotesque. The baby could either directly injure her in the birth process or drive her mad? Keeps the door open for someone to raise this child - Jamie, Tyrian, others?

Rewarding enough?


  • I've heard this theory, but I think it sends a terrible message that dwarves are punishment that kill their mothers. Tyrion has been tormented his entire life by being accused of this. Perhaps Benioff & Weiss would write something like that, but I don't see GRRM writing it. Just my two cents.
  • What if Tyrion warps into Cersei's womb and kills her that way?
  • gguenot said:

    What if Tyrion warps into Cersei's womb and kills her that way?

    Yes, this is the correct answer.
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  • I'm still a fan of her lying or being delusional. 

    If she is pregnant, however, I don't see the child ever being born.  That sets a timeframe for Season 8 that I think they'd rather keep vague. 

  • I do not see how a pregnant Cersei and a Euron who delivers on his promises can coexist.  I think Cersei is going to screw Euron in a non baby-producing manner so he's out of the picture.  
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