Bald Move TV – Rick and Morty, The Deuce premiere

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Oh, that's it! I've had it. You guys are far too well read in Americana to not know the ins and outs of the "pimp game". If I win the Bald Move fantasy football league this year, then mark my words: I'm commissioning American Pimp.*

*Unless of course The Deuce manages to explain the ins and outs and outs and ins of The Game to my satisfaction.


  • Heh @Freddy I would agree, especially since South Park did at least one episode explaining "The Game". With such popular personas as Snoop and Don Juan, I can believe at least ARon never picked up at least a little something :D
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard listemed to beining of lunch had a little chuckle. Was more of the terminology aka Bottom B***h. This is your "top girl" or girlfriend. She is treated above all of your other ladies. If you can find it South Park Season 13 episode 9 has some details as well.

    Snoop did some pimpin and was connected to Don Juan ("famous pimp") for awhile as well. So terminology, etc can be transferred to current time. You can also check out the following documentary that HBo did:

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
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    Getting back to this weeks lunch, I'm about ready to die on this hill. Did @Jim really say he trusts David Simon/HBO to school him on The Game™? Well sir, I counter that with the immortal words of the late, great Pimp C aka Sweet James Jones: "Oz ain't prison and The Wire ain't dope."
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    And this gif, just because... well damn... it's funny:
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  • This show (Deuce) definitely has a Wire type feel.
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