American Vandal

This show was brilliant and so bingeable. The show has a lot of heart for being so ridiculous. It is one of the best depictions of high school I have seen and it really gets you invested. I would highly recommend it and seeing if others have a similar or differing opinions. 


  • Garthgou81Garthgou81 Placerville, CA
    I have heard really good things about this, and the trailer had me in stitches. 
  • I also recommend this show. It does have the usual Netflix problem of being about 30% too long, but it's funny throughout. The show is concentrated around a dick joke, but its comment on all facets of current youth culture and how social media plays in is fascinating. I found the ending to be heartbreaking, but also satisfying. I don't find it to be incredibly "bingable" because the dick jokes can wear out quickly, but it's pretty good in two episode chunks. I also skipped the last two episodes and don't think I missed anything, fwiw. 
  • Just came across this- this is gold.
  • I've heard nothing but good things about this, and have been meaning to check it out.
    I'm a huge true-crime fan, and this is supposed to be a great satire of that genre.
  • Sooo good.  Works as a spoof, as a compelling mystery, and as intelligent criticism of the tru crime genre. Maybe my favorite tv this year. 
  • Kela15Kela15 Malta, Europe
    Thanks for recommending this A.Ron. I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
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