The Blacklist

N8NoleN8Nole Tallahassee, Florida
How many BaldMovers watch it? I've been on it since the start and can't believe Spader hasn't won an Emmy


  • I watched it from the beginning and thought that it was really good, but...I don't want spoil so I hope this is specific enough for you to get what I'm referring to...around the time that they had to write a very central character out of the show it started to go downhill.  Around that time I found myself watching out of habit and once I missed a few episodes I never bothered going back to it.
  • kuman07kuman07 Kansas City

    I watch it. Unfortunately the thing I have noticed is each season seems to be worse than the last, which isn't ideal. But I still think its better than a lot of TV shows out there, just think it could be better. But this coming season looks like it is going to be revamped a bit so we will see.

    And I agree, Spader is fantastic in it. Easily the best part of the show. I am not sure about winning an Emmy but at least should be nominated. I think he has been nominated for a couple Golden Globes though.

  • I watched and enjoyed the first season, but it was a "Golden Age of TV" casualty. Just too much stuff to watch in a given week and I had to cut bait. I did like what I saw though. No matter what he's doing Spader is just gold. I could just watch him chew scenery pretty much endlessly.
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