Pod pack

So I just bought the charity pod pack and do not know how to access the shows. Based on the emailed receipt from indiegogo, I think I'm supposed to get an email from Jim with instructions but that hasn't happened yet. I bought the pack on Wednesday and it is currently Sunday. Just wanted to see if I was missing something obvious or if I just need to keep waiting for the email from Jim. Thanks for any input.


  • I believe everyone will be receiving the pod pack at the same time once the sale is over.
  • @alkaid13 Ohhhh. That helps. Thank you!
  • Did I miss something?  I haven't received any email or information about the Pod Pack and I would have thought I would have received that before now.  I AM getting a hundred junk emails from Indigogo which I don't want and delete immediately so I'm thinking maybe some link or something came buried in one of those million emails?  What's the word?
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Hey @hhawn, send in your request to support@baldmove.com and we'll get it sorted.  We had a few people who for whatever reason, didn't get an email with your pack access.  Could have been a bad email, or got sent to spam folder, or a grue ate it.
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