Reservoir dogs

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Hey sorry, but when I click the link on the homepage, there is no content. Anyone else having problems? @Jim


  • Probably means they are adding it later today I guess?
  • anubus21 said:

    Probably means they are adding it later today I guess?

    That's my guess....
  • seanrayseanray Texas
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    Yeah that's probably right
  • Maybe the link can be only seen by dogs?
  • When my wife and I were getting married, I thought it would have been cool to reenact the "Stuck in the Middle with You-- Torture Scene" (without the torture) with my wife sitting in a chair.... glad I didn't wind up doing that lol
  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Sorry, not sure what happened to the podcast.  We updated the media links and it looks like it's working now.  Should hit everyone's feeds soon.
  • Working on my end now. Thanks @A_Ron_Hubbard and @Jim.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Is this thread an allegory of the Mr. Pink "Thai Stick" anecdote?
  • It was technically the Sticky Bandits that had bricks thrown at them, in Home Alone 2. Same guys, though.
  • emnofseattleemnofseattle Mason County, Washington USA
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    I hate to nitpick, but since Reservoir Dogs takes place in California, which doesn't allow the tipped employee exception, A. Ron, it would be correct to say a California waitress makes minimum wage.

    The sad thing is, I philosophically agree with Mr Pink on tipping (it's not my job to pay someone else's employees, and I don't at all believe in the practice, make less then minimum wage? Well the tipped employee exemption requires your wage plus tips must equal minimum wage or else employer MUST make up the difference.) but I'm a healthy tipper in practice because social pressure tells me not to appear to be a cheapskate. It's a perfect scam for restaurant owners really I mean I've dropped a twenty on the table before because it was the only bill I had and I was with a group of friends, Couldn't appear cheap.

    I think their robbery crew must be associated with organized crime, it wouldn't make sense to infiltrate an undercover officer otherwise, and you don't just show up at a bank robber convention and file an application to join the crew, you'd have to know somebody
  • I feel like other countries have figured out tipping better than we have. Like you should only have to tip if you feel like you got great service, not because you feel socially pressured to do so. I don't think very many people actually like our tipping system but it doesn't seem like we're going to change it anytime soon.
  • It feels weirdly aristocratic and arbitrary.
  • Yeah, tipping is a total scam. However, until the system is fixed you should tip. 

    It's not going away anytime soon, though. Restaurants love it because it helps their bottom line. They should be paying the employees a decent wage, but instead they leave it up to the customer's discretion (and there are a lot of dicks out there).

    Man, fuck working in restaurants.
  • I think you guys kind of half assed this one. Or at least it felt like it. I really don't want to hear Jim recite Madsen's IMDB for 10 minutes. And you guys spent damn near half the cast talking about how Pulp Fiction is better and what Reservoir Dogs would have been like if it had Pulp Fiction's actors. 

    Wish you'd broken down and pointed out the cinematography more. And I think you're suffering from the Pulp Fiction craze. Just because you've seen Pulp Fiction more and it's cemented in the pop culture vernacular for being so quotable, doesn't make it a heads and shoulders better film.

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