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Thaught I'd start up a general TV discussion thread with your comments, questions and general thoughts on TV. Let's have fun!


  • I've been going through this thing where I have so much good TV I feel like I need to start or catch up on, that I begin to feel paralyzed by all the options. It almost feels like a burden to mentally prepare myself to invest in a prestige show that I know will be worth it, but I have to pay attention to.

    So instead I end up rewatching episodes of Game of Thrones or Friends for the 37th time, or whatever Marvel movie is on cable that day. Anyone else go through this? 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    This week kicks my television viewing into high gear.  Watching the season premiere of This is Us right now, which I love so so so much.  And Will & Grace starts again on Thursday!  *so excited*   And then there's like 10 shows in between all of this.  My DVR is getting a workout this season.
  • Did anybody else try American Gods? Thought that show was pretty great.
  • Did anybody else try American Gods? Thought that show was pretty great.
    Yes I thought it was really fun! ARon and Cecily discussed it a couple of times on Bald Move TV, and there were a few threads on it in the forums when it aired:

  • MichelleMichelle California
    Is anyone watching The Voice this season?  Parts 1 and 2 of the blind auditions were this past Monday and Tuesday.  I am *living* for Jennifer Hudson as a coach!  She's so good!
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