Top 3 Most Hated TV Characters



  • John_NadaJohn_Nada California
    @A_Ron_Hubbard how the hell could overlook Even Peters.  Murder House was not bad but moving forward it just got unbearable.  Then I am looking at the ad for Lazarus Effect and there is Even Peters screaming is ass off again in the damn movie.  He is typecasted for sure.  
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    1 - Oliver from Brady Bunch

    2 - Stephanie Tanner from full house /every time she says "how rude" it makes my skin crawl/

    3 - Captain Keith on Deadliest Catch /we FF through all of his scenes/

    I'm sure more will come to mind - these three immediately popped in my head :/
  • @TaraC73 Great pull on Stephanie Tanner. Totally agree.
  • TravisTravis CA
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    Third Selection: Joe fucking Carol from the Following. I can't believe I gave a season and a half to that stupid show, and I put it on his character due to the profound disappointment in the lack of payoff. We are meant to believe that there is something so inherently awesome and interesting about this serial killer that he can somehow recruit and command a cult of serial killers (from prison nonetheless) and that it will all show up in some amazing payoff once they finally get around to setting the board (which takes for goddamn ever), and I watched and watched and waited and waited for some cool plan to emerge, or some really interesting thing to happen. The big reveal is that there is no big reveal. All the stuff with "the following" doesn't culminate to anything. NOTHING! I swear that show is built around the premise that they can just make it dark and have people get stabbed and they'll figure something out or maybe they won't. Just so long as everyone is either miserable or helpless or creepy and they can keep everyone in motion even if they aren't actually going anywhere.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Hazel Wassername in 30 Rock. Ugh. And Cotton Hill on King of the Hill. I hated the Cotton episodes.
  • TaraC73TaraC73 Manchester NH
    trippy said:

    Dee said:

    Hazel Wassername in 30 Rock. Ugh.

    Do not disrespect Kristen Schaal.  She rules!  she RULES!!! 

    But back to the hate

    from the sopranos, i HATED AJ. Janice was annoying, but AJ... uggg.  God I hated that kid.
    I hated Meadow -- talk about a useless character. At least aj had some interesting stories.

  • Meadow was pretty bad and so was her obnoxious friend with the big nose.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    I liked Meadow but I may or may not have had a little crush on her. Hated Uncle Junior with a passion though.
  • The big names have been mentioned, so...

    DARRIO NAHARRIS - can't stand the purple hair pimp book version, the Clay Matthews look a like version or the current Darrio Nyquills. This would be the only dude who could fall into Ramsey Bolton's hands and I'd be on Team Bolton.

    Marie Schader - funniest moment of the entire BrBa series for me was when the realtor busted her shoplifting red handed.

    Viserys Targaryen - dude has one of the sexiest women on GoT in the sack and gets butthurt about dragon skulls.

  • John_NadaJohn_Nada California
    @Travis you are right and sadly I am still watching the damn show. There must be something wrong with me...well there is but still doesn't explain why I still watch it.
  • If were talking Gotham, were talking Fish Mooney. I dont care for 90% of the story lines in general but SHE is the worst. Maybe im biased because I think Jada's best role was getting stabbed in the audience of 'Stabbed' in Scream 2. But my god she is awful. Has she died yet? Im only on Ep 15 or 16. Someone give me good news
  • @John_Nada I know man. The worst part is that I feel the way I do about the show, but still the previews for season 3 air and I still think to myself "I wonder if it ever got better. I wonder how season 2 ended. Maybe I should watch it just in case." I'm going to stand firm with my anger, but I can totally relate.

    @Jovial_Falcon (like I said, this is a casting spoiler so don't read if you really don't want to know):

    I saw some headline yesterday from Hitfix or EW saying that she recently said that she will not be back for season 2. So, there is an end date to her role in it at least.

    [Deleted User]
  • John_NadaJohn_Nada California
    @Travis I would say if you can go back and at least finish 2nd season it may be worth it.
  • steph_b said:

    Meadow was pretty bad and so was her obnoxious friend with the big nose.

    Fun fact. Meadow's big-nosed obnoxious friend is David Chase's daughter.
  • Kennedy the Vampire Slayer. Scrappy Doo. Trapper John in M*A*S*H.
  • edited March 2015
    1. I agree with all the Pete Campell (Mad Men) hate. If he and Peggy end up together, I will be beyond-words pissed.

    2. Nancy Botwin (Weeds) because she was utterly selfish and hardly the paragon of motherhood. By the end of it, I wanted to throw an iced coffee in her face.

    3. Marnie Michaels (Girls) because she's a spoiled, whiny brat who took a season or more to get over a breakup with someone she wasn't even in love with...annoying!
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    Not in any particular order but

    1. Both Tammy's from parc's and rec 

    2. Skyler

    3. Tomas from the walking dead season three
  • MmmBopMmmBop United Kingdom
    Ava - Justified
    Claire - Modern Family
    Melissandra - Game of thrones.
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX
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    Sansa Stark in season 1...2...wait, all of them!? (Never turn your back on family)

    Betty Draper (worst mother ever?)

    Jemma from Girls ( REALLY have to be talented to appear MORE annoying than someone else on this show, but mission accomplished)
  • Joffrey, Game of Thrones; no explanation needed.
    Andrea, Walking Dead; I hated her so much more than Lori. Lori at least knew Shane was dangerous. Andrea was too stupid to recognize the governor's evil, when she found out he was keeping heads in fish tanks.
    Bart Simpson, maybe? Having been through the teenage years with two of my own, the idea of seeing another smart alecky brat doesn't appeal to me. LOL
  • trippy said:


    Barney, from Barney-  He/It causes an instant visceral negative reaction that rivals the anger I feel when my earbuds get accidentally pulled from my ears.

    HEY! Watch it! That ridiculously annoying purple guy gave me many, many, many, moments of peace through the years. And, I got to inflict him on my daughter and son-in-law three years ago, when my revenge came in a 7 lb ginger package. LOL. Just kidding, hate on the purple one all you want.
  • Andrea, Walking Dead; I hated her so much more than Lori. Lori at least knew Shane was dangerous. Andrea was too stupid to recognize the governor's evil, when she found out he was keeping heads in fish tanks.

    My wife is right there with you. When I told her about this thread and Andrea came right to mind, and with authority. She hates her "me, me, me. I'm going to do this my way." attitude (using her insistence on shooting Daryl as the perfect example despite everyone saying "don't fire, we've got this" repeatedly).
  • ksa1001ksa1001 Plano, TX

    Skylar is about the sole wife in all the drama's that I DIDN'T hate. Interesting to see her singled out.
  • UnderwoodUnderwood Philadelphia, PA
    ksa1001 said:


    Skylar is about the sole wife in all the drama's that I DIDN'T hate. Interesting to see her singled out.
    It's funny really. She acted like any other sane person would if they found out their significant other was a drug dealer and suspected killer, but we were all so far intrenched in the pro Walter White camp that she just seemed unappreciative and annoying.
  • I recently got into an online kerfuffle with a rabid Pete Campbell apologist.

    What's interesting is that it seems that every time that debate comes up the main argument on behalf of Pete fans is that Don is a scumbag too.

    But Don being a scumbag too doesn't make Pete any less repulsive. Pete is just a less palatable ass hat than Don.
  • @steph_b All you have to say is two words: Rapey Pete!!

    (I'm racking my brain here, but of all the terrible things Draper did, I don't believe he raped anyone)
  • @AntManBee , lol. Yeah I really don't think Pete's shit heel status is debatable.
  • Im actually listening to old Mad Men podcasts right now and Jim just said Pete is "looking extra rapey and extra molestory right now". I literally LOL'd.

    BTW, the podcast episode I'm listening to right now is for season 6 premiere.
  • Don & Megan's Hawaii holiday! That's one of my favorites.
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