I bit the bullet and bought Destiny 2

CoryCory New Scotland
What do I need to know?

Were you able to carry over things from the original Destiny?


  • A_Ron_HubbardA_Ron_Hubbard Cincinnati, OH
    Just your character's face.  Because of the plot of Destiny 2, you lose all your equipment and even powers at the beginning, and have to get new ones / rediscover them.

    My advice is to just play the campaign and have fun, then do the blue crown missions and public events until you get in the 260-ish power level, then seek out some peeps and do the raid.  The raid is a lot of fun.  Iron Banner, the monthly PVP event, starts next week and it's usually a lot of fun too.

    If you're not done with the game, start a new character of a different class, and try them out.  Each class and sub class has their own exotic armors and abilities to pair with that are a prime sense of enjoyment for me, anyway.  Like, I didn't think life could get better than a Sentinal Titan with Doomfang pauldrons, until I discovered Striker with Insurmountable Skullfort, and then holy shit, dual auto rifle Titan with Actius War Rig mother fucker! WOOOOO!  And then I went Warlock and can't even believe the Voidwaker devour skill tree is legal.  And Xur came to town today selling a sick helmet that might even make it better.

    The thing about Destiny is you either like the fact that you reply a lot of content over and over with different weapon and loadouts trying to find the most fun / powerful build so you can take five of your best friends into the raid and kick its ass a few dozen times, or you think it's repetitive.  Either way I bet you get your $60 worth.  I spent $200 on Destiny over three years and got about 1200 hours out of it.
  • CoryCory New Scotland
    Thanks Mr. Hubbard.

    I started it a little bit today, seems alright, but too early to really be into it, as of yet.
  • I just bit said bullet myself.  It was a long wait to finally play Destiny on PC. I cant wait!
  • I rented the with this thing is have. Played it for 20 mins and literally didn't care at all. I may just watch the cut scenes on youtube as they looked kinda cool 
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