Suicide handled badly on channel 4 show back

So I just got done watching this week's back on channel 4 it has David Mitchell and Robert Webb as the 2 leads who have a history of doing comedies together and damn good ones. David Mitchell character comes across a body hanging from the tree in broad daylight. Wtf. I don't know why this was written in. It had no place on the show and almost every single character acted like it was nothing apart from a few. As a person who suffers from related issues in my everyday lives in felt this was handles appallingly.


  • Yeah, that seems like a crass way to handle that situation. It lacks empathy.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
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    That's too bad  - Mitchell and Webb do some of the smartest comedy out there, and I was really looking forward to thier new show....sounds like a bad misstep.

    If you want a BBC program that deals REALLY well with the subject matter of depression and suicide, definitely check out Flowers. It a black comedy and doesn't pull its punches, but it's incredibly honest and heartfelt. It confronts the relentlessness of depression and that getting better is hard and messy and takes a really, really long time. It's probably in my top ten favorites of this joke. I watch it at least twice a year and have myself a good cleansing cry.

  • I haven't seen it yet (I'm on episode 3, I think 5 is the most current?) sucks hearing that because it's been pretty good so far.  I don't think that these are the types of topics that should be fodder for comedy, not that they can't be touched upon but they shouldn't be the punchline to something, especially when presented without context - as if the suicide itself is somehow funny.

    I don't mean to steer off topic, but I had a similar reaction to this week's episode to Joe Rogan's podcast where he was trying to talk Russell Brand (an addict in recovery) to experiment with a drug (DMT, I think).  It was shockingly irresponsible IMO.
  • aberry89aberry89 California
    Yeah, it was. People will be really stupid and clueless - but that's what attics are taught during recovery. You are going to be put in situations where drugs are offered by people who don't fully understand addiction, and it's up to you to keep yourself sober. Maybe Rogan has never been pulled aside by an attic in recovery and told that, but with the wealth of people he converses with, I find that hard to believe. 

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