The Exorcist Season 2

Just seeing if anyone else watches this show. It's not great, but pretty good IMO (especially for a fox show). It has the right mix of camp and creep that makes for a good "spooky" show. With so few shows in this genre it stands out.


  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    edited October 2017
    I watch it.  I really loved S1, of course it was based on the original movie.  So much fantastic shocks, gore and suspense.  S2 is totally different, so it hasn't grabbed me as quickly but there are a lot of interesting elements - the foster home being one of them.  I really like the lead characters/priests - Alfonso Herrera and Ben Davis, the african priest Kurt Egyiawan, as well as John Cho and Li Jun Li, the adults at the foster home.  So S2 looks promising.
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