801 - Mercy

Director:  Greg Nicotero
Writer: ???


  • The trash people are called the Scavengers? I'm still calling them Trash people.
  • Watching the end of the finale. I hate these trash people so so much.
  • Maybe the writer didn't want to be associated with this episode? Although usually Gimple writes the openers.
  • The Jesus puns still get me every time. I don’t even think they’re on purpose either. 
  • Drink every time Rick says the word "world".
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
    edited October 2017
    @A_Ron_Hubbard Live stream is down. Never mind it’s back. 
  • live stream is in & out
  • MichelleMichelle California
    It keeps going down on my end.   :/

  • Yeah it’s spotty. 
  • MichelleMichelle California
    edited October 2017
    Glad they got right into the action & didn't eff around in the premiere.  Looks like it's going to be a decent season.
  • Not sure if sheet metal is going to be enough protection from bullets. 
  • When it was up earlier it was without the Jim and A-ron Gridulator 5000 to hide half of the screen. I wonder if YouTube can tell someone is live streaming it and shut it down?
  • were back guys
  • Has Bear McCreary been moonlighting at cinemax?
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
    edited October 2017
    @Cecily for the win. 
  • For an episode devoid of trash people, they delivered some hot hot garbage.
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    meh. Not bad, not great. It was okay. I hate movies and TV shows where the bad guy is just standing there and it's like "JUST. SHOOT. HIM." So stupid. But I guess they live in a world where everyone has to give way to the monologue.
  • I was mostly just bored by this episode.  The reveal of Gabriel being in a trailer with Negan at the end didn't do anything for me either, except that I'm annoyed that Gabriel being a bargaining chip will be a plot point.  The time jumps fell flat.  Maybe my heart's just not in it anymore.  This show used to get me kind of anxious in a way that good horror movies do... I never thought that all out war would be so mundane.  
  • They should just kill Seth Gilliam so he can be in season two of The Deuce.
  • NogamejamesNogamejames SF bay area, Ca
    Having an open shot at negan for 20 minutes and not taking it after giving a pep talk before the "mission" that killing negan will end this is unacceptable!!! Even for this show... Also father Gabriel knows negan's voice and has a gun!!! Shoot his ass don't say "what?" I hate this stupid waste of time show. 
  • Anyone else think Tara comes off as obnoxious with the pink sunglasses and the twizzler hanging out of her mouth? It’s like we get it Tara, you’re too cool for school. Hope she gets eaten by a walker with the pink shades on.
  • An ok episode by TWD standards. Still some frankly silly plotting but the action was ok I guess 
  • it’s nice to see some attempt to uparmor their vehicles even if they used really thin sheet metal roof panel. the motorhome looked good with some thick plating. 
  • no excuse for not getting negan with a sniper shot. at least shoot gregory before he opens his mouth and let simons face do triple backflip. 
  • advertising a two hour talking dead after a standard length season opener seems stupid. put the effort into the cleaning up the main show and ditch the explanation show. 
  • What was with the Weird Al Yanchovich song?
  • yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnn!
  • While not a great episode of TV, I thought it was a good episode of TWD. There were of course "stupid" things, but nothing really worth complaining about. If they can keep this up, I'll actually enjoy watching TWD again. 
  • Alkaid13 said:
    Not sure if sheet metal is going to be enough protection from bullets. 
    Well, file cabinets and dead bodies were good enough to shield them during the fall of the prison. :P
  • AjasAjas Seattle, WA
    KingKobra said:
    While not a great episode of TV, I thought it was a good episode of TWD.
    I just thought this was a perfect line. I mean seasons 4 and 5 were mostly great TV (imo). Now the bar is so low.

    Even the 2nd half of Season 3 was really good.
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