The Returned (second attempt at remaking Les Revenants)

ArctorArctor The Netherlands
I was surprised to find myself watching the first episode of The Returned because there already was one two years ago. It's a remake of the excellent French short series Les Revenants, in which dead loved ones start showing up again in a small mountain town.

This new one seems to stick really close to the source material (almost shot for shot and even the lead girl actress looks like a bit like her French counterpart). I already like it way better than the 2013 version and I'm confident I can recommend watching it even after 20 minutes of watching myself. Solid acting, good haunting music. Very promising.


  • Apples to apples, the original French version was much more interesting to me - way more haunting. Maybe that's just because I saw it first, and this version second. 
  • Watched the first episode of the remake version and also the whole French series which was superior in every way. The only rlegitamate rational I could see for watching the American version is you don't know how to read and can't manage a subtitled tv show.
  • Its a little confusing but just wanted to point out

    Resurrection is based on the 2013 book called The Returned which is unrelated to the French series

    French series Les Revenants is based on the 2004 film also called “Les Revenants” known in English as “They Came Back.”

    Then A&E decided to remake Les Revenants

  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
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    The only rlegitamate rational I could see for watching the American version is you don't know how to read and can't manage a subtitled tv show.

    That's the reason I put up with remakes in general. Language/culture being different from the original and they should stick to the source material to not fuck it up.

    I mean I speak 4 languages so I could just reject a remake in English from a French, German or Dutch work just because I don't need subtitles and can pick up on subtleties and cultural aspects because I've frequented these countries, but that wouldn't be fair.

    For example: The Slap remake was complete horseshit and shouldn't have happened and they ruined the concept, but Funny Games US was great by being justified to make and did the Danish film justice.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @Arctor Was there much difference between the two versions of The Slap? I watched the first couple of episodes of both and they seemed pretty much the same.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
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    @Dee Yes they ruined the tension arch by having the characters (and sometimes the audience) find out certain facts way too soon and they completely ruined the Connie storyline, leaving out what was most shocking, to the point it's irrelevant to the plot.

    They also mutilated the Harry character and fucked up the severity of what was going on in the Rosie/Gary family. God I could literally go on and on about everything they ruined.

    They effectively took all the bite out of the show and made it a lame soap-opera.

    You should definitely watch the Australian version, it's pretty amazing drama. And avoid the US version.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @Arctor i read the book and hated it - or rather, hated every character in it. I watched the first two episodes of the Aus version and everyone made me so angry I couldn't go on. Then I tried the American one and it seemed very much the same - even down to having Melissa George play the same character (which was weird to see).
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
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    @Dee Yes the character all are pretty horrible or make shitty choices that hurt others but that's part of the charm I think, it shows their human side. It made me change my mind about certain characters or change who I rooted for on quite a few occasions. I also really liked how they are oblivious to their own faults often and blame others for theirs and it bites them in the ass. In the US version they play everything down, make everything less serious, and that totally kills the dramatic irony. Why even have the narrator, it didn't make sense to me.

    The AUS version had me hooked in about two episodes. I was highly skeptical if it would be something I'd enjoy but yeah I gave it a shot and didn't regret it.

    Especially the Connie/Richie/Hector triangle-relationship and the conversation between Rosie and the cleaning lady's husband really hit hard. (But again, not in the US version because they made those irrelevant.)
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    @Arctor Oh, it's a shame they toned it down then - the whole point of the book was how awful and self-absorbed these people were in their own ways, the actual slap itself was a minor incident albeit the catalyst. It was clever how you you'd support one person and then when you got to their POV chapter you'd find out they were just as awful as everyone else.
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