My thoughts on GOT Bald Move (mild book spoilers)

I've just finished up listening to all of the GOT coverage by Bald Move. I think I started about a year ago but it was a lot of listening.
I have agreed and enjoyed most of the content.  I had lots of comments which I probably said aloud in my car but have never written in about since I was listening generally well after the podcast aired. A couple of things kept coming up which irk me though.

1a. First of all A-Rons continued fondness for Lady Stoneheart and hate of the Iron Islands. I listened to most of the Game of Thrones via audio book, I might of read the first, I don't remember anymore. I also disliked the Iron Islands quite a bit but I think it was mostly due to the portrayal of The Damp Hair character. His  voice and dialogue was terrible but overall their story was satisfying.

1b. When the Lady Stoneheart part came up I thought oh FFS not another resurrection. It completely detracts from the red wedding. I was so glad they did not include it in the show since it's probably my most hated part of the books so far. The whole time it seemed like a whole lot of nothing, leading to no where. Which as it turns out is apparently the case since they left it out of the show. Yet A-Ron constantly banged on about including it.

2. Jim keeps going on about not caring what's in the books, what the differences are etc. Says he is never going to read them for some unknown reason.
I have an issue with that because he does in fact talk frequently about reading books including having an audible subscription. The GOT books whilst not the most well written books around are still very good. Also the books include far more political intrigue, scheming etc than the show. They also contain far less (so far) fantasy than the show. In fact aside from a couple of dragons I would say the magic in the books is very subtle, there aren't any wizards shooting fire balls, or bringing lightning down on people.
It just makes no sense to of taken this weird stance against the books when he clearly likes the content and the books are more down your alley than the show is.

Now I wonder what is going to happen to most of the podcasters around. It seems almost all of them have names related to GOT, Cast of Kings, Storm of Spoilers to name a few. I have never listened to another podcast and probably won't either. The simple fact is there aren't any other shows as well done and complicated as GOT which leaves me no desire to listen to someone talk about it. Westworld was pretty good but not Podcast listen worthy. I'd dare say most podcasters are going the way of the Tasmanian Tiger.

Anyway that's my 2c. Hopefully you are able to keep up the good work after GOT next or next next year. I'll be sure to tune back in if another show comes out that is podcast worthy.


  • I too was reluctant to read the books, mostly because I had heard that they were far harsher than the show.  But I decided to go ahead after season 7 and I'm working on Storm of Swords now.  I haven't gotten to the Reek stuff yet, but so far it seems fine.  And I'm really enjoying the additional insight I'm getting. 

    I don't want to speculate on Jim's perspective but it may be that he's overwhelmed with everything else that is going on and just doesn't want to take the time to read something when he already knows the story.  This is just my take from listening to Lunch with J&A - he seems spread more thin than A.Ron does.
  • I don't envy Aron's position as book guy on the cast. I don't think he's read the books in a while - so that's a tough deal to be the one who is in charge of all the book stuff. 

    As an Iron Islands fan I do find myself getting frustrated when Aron continually brushes off the Greyjoy plots as nonsense and non-important. Some of those chapters are so fantastic. Aron loves sailing shit, it seems like they would be right up his alley. To me, I love the ASOIAF world so much that when it began to expand in AFFC, I was super excited to be getting all these new POVs from other houses. And honestly, in AFFC i couldn't wait to leave Brienne's aimless wandering and get back to the Greyjoys and Martells.
  • I think Jim would read the books if he didn’t think it would take him like a year to catch up. It’s more of a daunting task than something he wouldn’t enjoy. 
  • A.Ron definitely has the harder job on Game of Thrones and not putting myself in the same position of having to remember not only the story in the show but the differences from the story the books are telling is the main reason I don't read them.  I just don't have a good enough memory for that, especially when we're covering 10+ shows a year and I'm expected to have detailed knowledge of each one.  The less I have to remember, the better.

    I've seen a lot of the podcasts that have GoT-themed names doing other stuff in their main GoT feed.  The merits of doing that are debatable.  You could say that it turns off the people who are new to the podcast and looking for GoT stuff.  You could also say that it keeps at least some portion of listeners engaged in the off season. 

    Which is better?  I don't know empirically but my mindset is to set expectations and deliver on them which doesn't jive with those off-topic podcasts.  The name of the podcast is the entry point for 99% of people who would listen so if you're not delivering on the expectations set by the name you're failing, imo.
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    I dunno man, I just always assumed it was cool if I had my own personal opinions on stuff and shared them on the pod.  Other people agree or disagree, send me feedback, and then we talk about it.  It seems to work out okay, haha.

    As far as me loving sailing and the Iron Island chapters, maybe that's one of the reasons I don't like them.  Pirates are assholes, pretty much without exception. The Greyjoys certainly are not that exception, and GRRM can barely write compelling and coherent land based action. I don't think this is a controversial opinion, but writing action is not his forte, even his best sword duels are known more for their badass dialog and shocking deaths than for their artistry.  Now, I can tell you that he doesn't know anything about sailing or naval tactics, so it kind of comes off as simple and boring.  Two wooden planks full of assholes, with men fighting on them.  It doesn't hurt that my favorite book series of all time has what are widely acclaimed as the best, most compelling, and historically accurate sailing action that has ever been put on paper.  But, that's just my opinion.

    I'm surprised you think I'm a Stoneheart diehard.  I think she would have been a cool visual many seasons ago, but I've been whatev on her for a while now.
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    I'm surprised you think I'm a Stoneheart diehard.  I think she would have been a cool visual many seasons ago, but I've been whatev on her for a while now.
    Sounds like ARons... pumping the breaks on Lady Stoneheart B) YEAHHHHHHH!

    ... I’ll see myself out

    (glad you’re safe)

  • I'm surprised you think I'm a Stoneheart diehard.  I think she would have been a cool visual many seasons ago, but I've been whatev on her for a while now.
    I wish I had the time to go back and write down every time you talked about her.

    gguenot said:

    Sounds like ARons... pumping the breaks on Lady Stoneheart B) YEAHHHHHHH!

    ... I’ll see myself out

    (glad you’re safe)
    Perfect.  ;)
  • It's a pain listening to the old game of thrones podcasts (I just did season 5) and having no one to talk to about it! I don't think Jim and Aron are likely to be interested in someone furiously or enthusiastically emailing them about a point they made 3 years ago. 

    I did did have a question about something from the latest podcast though. Aron what exactly is this 'democracy' we are going to get at the end of GOT going to look like? You say it won't be full representative democracy because that would be ridiculous (agreed) but isn't any plausibly medieval form of democracy just going to look a bit unsatisfactory and non-radical from a modern perspective? I think it would be better to have some form of more just or fair society at the end of GoT rather than a more democratic one. That's more in keeping with what Dany is already doing, for instance. She is making society more just (abolishing slavery) but she's not making it more democratic.
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