War for the Planet of the Apes (Spoilers)

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finally caught this and was pretty disappointed, especially with the 3rd act. By far the worst movie of the trilogy. Very little made sense from start to finish but it just got worse as the movie progressed. 

The 3rd act was just a real shit show. So it turns out that the army sent to kill Ceasers clan is actually a rogue faction(which makes no sense because at the end of Dawn they clearly say they sent requests for the real army to come help) at war with another human army who not only wants to wipe out the Apes but also any human infected with the mutated simian flu? And instead of being a war for the planet between apes and humans ends up being a war between humans and other humans with the Apes just sort of caught in the middle?

And somehow this crazed colonel convinces his entire brigade to follow his crazy plan to eradicate both humans and Apes? Then in the final battle this single outpost of like a couple hundred soldiers is trying to fend off a Super well armed army with tanks, Apache helicopters and artillery? And this major battle is like 5-10 minutes of the movie when the invading army wins with the help of Ceaser blowing up a few gas tankers? Then after the invading army wins they then immediately turn their guns on the Apes but miraculously get completely destroyed by an avalanche that only the Apes who can climb trees survive? Wtf.

 The trilogy was so good but the third act of the final movie in the trilogy was just such a major let down. And to add to this the entire marketing of the movie was that “Cesar did not start this war but he would finish it, which he did not at all. The war didn’t even end up being Apes vs humans but rogue humans vs other humans and the Apes only survived by a miraculous act of god and some secret tunnels. Total letdown in my eyes. It felt like one of those m night shamalyn twists for no reason having the army coming after the Apes having some other crazy alterior motive rather than just being the remanents of humans trying to eradicate the threat of the Apes. The ending was just so lazy and poorly conceived. Also they did show a poor job showing any reason why these soldiers would follow the Colonel. They did no real character building with him.

Maybe I need to rewatch it and give it another chance but after 2 really solid movies with Rise and Dawn this was a Super letdown. 


  • ThomasThomas North Carolina
    I would agree the third act was very weak, but the movie overall was still well done.  I actually felt emotional attachment to the characters, unlike other recent films.  

    My understanding was that this was the same Army from the second film, but it had been a long time and they had since started to go rogue with this mystery illness that has been impacting them.  The idea that they would be allowed to murder their own because they were infected doesn't seem too unreasonable.  Basically they convinced everyone that if they didn't kill them, they would turn into mindless beasts (zombies), so I can excuse that.

    I would also push back on Cesar finishing the war.  No, he didn't do a ton of fighting, but he literally is the reason the apes survived as long as they didn't in the second/third act.  He got them fed, he got them water, he motivated them, etc etc.  He also communicated and helped organize the escape.

    The ending battle was cool at first, but I totally agree that it was very lazy and poorly done.  I can excuse the helicopters flying in low to launch rockets (in real life, they can just hover way off in the distance and still hit targets), but the outpost was very small and got hit by a ton of munitions right away.  The invading force then just rolls in gets wiped out by an avalanche?  Too over the top for me.

    I am excited to see where they go from here though.  Wasn't Cornelius the main character of the first couple originals? Will be interesting to see how they develop that character.
  • When you consider Caesar as a Moses figure the avalanche makes a lot of sense. Woody Harrelson was a part of the army carrying out their orders but rebelled due to the disease; the army didn't back him when it came to killing humans who went mute. I actually thought he was a tragic figure. He was murdering people who got the disease because he thought it turned them into zombies, including his own son. But at the end he catches the disease and realizes all it does is make you a mute, and he killed his son even though he still had his mind. That's why I think he gave up, he was disgusted with himself. 
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