204 - "Chapter Four: Will the Wise"

Director: Shawn Levy
Writer: The Duffer Brothers


  • Curiosity killed the cat. Well, sort of. Kind of hard to say since it was Dark.

  • Taking a break from the 4 episode binge. I had to force myself off the couch and turn off Netflix app. I have very much enjoyed the first part. Can’t wait to finish later tonight . I mean it is a chilly October Midwest day today .....
  • The show is losing me. They are all lying to each other or keeping secrets. Plot driven by inane lack of communication. 
    And please... That puzzle of 8.5x11 sheets of paper. You could put any two of those end-to-end they would fit. Desperate attempt to come up with some new cool puzzle mechanic. Fails. 
  •  I watched up to episode 4 yesterday and can't wait to finish but am trying to space it out a little.   Loving the podcast so far, and the show!  

    One note, after listening to all  the podcasts up to 204, Anne of Green Gables was also the book Hopper was reading to his daughter in the hospital in season 1.  In a flashback he is shown reading a section where Anne is saying how she loves life as it is always interesting or something like that, just as his daughter is getting very close to death.  Hopper is then seen crying in a stairwell.  I think we can safely say the book has a lot of meaning for him, and is a sign of how far he has extended fatherly feelings towards Eleven.  

  • 1980 Bob - "What a nice guy/hero" 
    2017 Bob - "What a thirsty creeper" 

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