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  • "What killed your cat?"

    "Oh, and budget."
  • MurderbearMurderbear Cold Spring, Ky
    I don't think it's just Walking Dead that is guilty of this, but I noticed something else annoying after rewatching a few scenes. When Ezekiel and Jerry are having their last stand at the fence, it looks like a bunch of soldiers from The Kingdom are amongst the ranks of walkers headed their way. The only problem is, why are they already decayed and looking like a "zombies?" They've been dead like ten minutes, tops. Do they think we'd be confused if we saw someone bloody and shuffling towards them we wouldn't realize they are dead?
  • When they do the makeup for zombies they’re probably told to get like 50 zombies at this decay level so the artists just pump them out. I agree that the lack of attention to detail is lazy, but that’s probably what happens logistically
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