Guys I'm having an issue with my Club renewal...

Tom_ATom_A Carcosa
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A few days ago my club membership expired, so I renewed it and no problem... I watched the lunch of friday with no snags. But I just went to check out the Walking Dead live watch on my lap top and it asked me to renew my subscription... and I thought that's weird. I was logged in and it asked me to renew my subscription when it had already been renewed. So I went through the process again and it gave me a month free trial, yet when when I go to access the club content it tells me I need to log in... when i am already logged in. It turns into a weird cycle where I can't access the content. Just looking for some help here, I've never had any problems with accessing content or club stuff, so it very well be something I did to fuck it up but I could use some help. Thanks.


  • I’m sure you checked but are you sure you were truely logged in? I pretty much have to re-log in daily/when a new video is uploaded. 
  • yeah, I was truly logged in. The banner saying "your subscription has expired" is back up on the home-screen every time. I got an email saying thanks for subscribing to Bald Move. Very odd 
  • Mind you, I've been a club member for a year now... Never had an issue logging in or what-have-you
  • Hmm strange. Welp, that’s the extent of my trouble shooting. I’m sure a mod or someone more knowledgeable will come by. Good luck!
  • Email for the fastest response to issuers like these. While the guys do participate on the forums, it’s best to email them :) 
  • thank you KingKobra!
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