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Directed by: Sam Esmail
Written by: Kyle Bradstreet


  • Well, I’m not sure anyone predicted that one. While we didn’t see it happen, the news of the scope of the attack was crazy. It shows the reach and power of the Dark Army is much greater than I think anyone realized. I know we’ll get complaints that we didn’t get to see it happen, but seeing people’s reactions and the news reports (along with Spangler leaving in a hurry) made it hit.

    Whiterose played everyone in NY and once she got the information about where the records were, maybe we (audience) should have thought “bigger”. She was cool and calm throughout this, even knowing her original plan was FUBAR (soemthing that should have tipped us off). Much like Elliot it seems we were all focused on NY and what they would do there. For this I say bravo Esmail and writers, well done. 

    Now that stage 2 was a success (as far as we know) where do we go from here. Do Elliot and Mr Robot join forces since they were both played? Is Tyrell a mole on the inside and his giving up was done purposefully to get on the inside (seems likely). A little underserved in conversations but Angela is having a very good season IMO (actress). The emotion she expresses really hits home as we start to see the layers peal back on the why (opening scene). Darlene I think isnalso having a small but important role. She’s being pulled in multiple directions and I think the actress is doing a bang up job playing the internal fight.

    It was going to be hard to follow up with last weeks episode, but damn if they didn’t do it.  This episode had the right amount of drama and tension to lead up to the end.
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    FUCK YEAH.  I was almost done with it, but got drunk and got suckered in.  I've been pretty vocal about how shitty phase two was.  Blowing up a single building because of paper was hokey, I didn't buy any of the stakes and I didn't think Whiterose would struggle that much to execute a relatively small plan.

    And then there were 71 other buildings.  YES! *Jedi wave* THESE are the high stakes I was looking for.  You just toppled the economy and you're teasing quantum mechanics.  Blowing up a single building isn't even getting my heart rate going.  Blowing up 71 buildings across the country? Now that's the full force of the dark army.  That's the omniscient character I thought Whiterose was.  That's an appropriate escalation from phase one and raising of the stakes.  If phase two was still blow up one building, I wouldn't be here right now.

    But the only reason why I made it that far was because of the opening scene.  Great world building and it did everything right as far as showing the roots of these characters.  If you described a scene that includes Angela's Mom, the lawyer and BTTF, it sounds like the most bacon gauntlety thing ever, but I really liked it and put me in the mood to enjoy the best episode of the season.
  • Absolutely outstanding...
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    Best episode of the season, hands down. And one of my favorite of the entire show. I thought it was damn near perfect. And how about the music during each scene? I thought those were perfectly placed and added to the tension and drama. Loved this episode.
  • Oh man that rope a dope at the end was so strong, even had the heroic music playing right up until the twist. This season is great.  
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    I was on the edge of my seat all along, oh my god. What an episode. I desperately wanted stage 2 to happen to move things along, and kept rooting for Mr. Robot to stop Elliot lol. But nobody saw this coming. Even though we should have known blowing up the one building is not high stakes enough for Whiterose or for the show.
    I also really enjoyed the opening scene - everyone agrees that the 'anonymous benefactor' offering to pay for Angela's mom's treatment was Whiterose, yeah? I think the reason why she was so calm about dying and telling Angela to meet again was because Whiterose told her about the plan. Holy shit, this season has been amazing, but now I'm even more excited about what's to come!

    Also - is Tyrell getting caught part of his instructions?
  • Also - is Tyrell getting caught part of his instructions?
    I think so. The handcuffs in the basement of Red Wheelbarrow make it seem like he is going to claim he was kidnapped and forced to hack E-Corp. The question is, who is he going to blame for the kidnapping?
  • Okay - I did not notice this myself, but holy shit. Apparently the actress who played young Angela is the same actress who played the little girl interviewing Angela in S2. Mabel Tyler. Duuuude. Insane. That pretty much confirms the time travel/multiple dimensions theory.
  • Good catch...can't be a coincidence.

    Given that I wonder if Whiterose is actually NOT the same person as Zhang. Wouldn't surprise me if in the finale we see both of them in the same room.
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    Zsa004 said:
    Given that I wonder if Whiterose is actually NOT the same person as Zhang. Wouldn't surprise me if in the finale we see both of them in the same room.

     I felt the same thing after watching this most recent episode.  I don't know why or how, but I have a feeling that the two are not one and the same... perhaps one is from a different plane of existence / time period?
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    Brilliant episode, none of our characters knew what the hell was going on except White Rose and probably Irving.  They all got duped.  Just brilliant.
  • @A_Ron_Hubbard listening to the podcast and just got past where you are talking about the confusion you had regarding the records. As far as I know, here is what the show has let on to us.

    Elliot rerouted all of the paper documents when he realized that the plan was to place all of them in the NY building. He made things look like the paper was all in NY, but the actual manifests would show differently. The “glitch” that showed the fake location must have been fixed last episode or this episode (I’ll have to watch last episode again). Mr Robot I don’t believe was ever made aware that Elliot changed things and the paper never made it to NY (until Elliot told him to look). The screen we see shows that the Origin of all of the paper was the NYC Building and destination was multiple facilities all showing as “delivered”. Of course nothing ever made it to NY due to what Elliot did before hand. I’ll try to make more sense after I rewatch Elliot’s set up scenes (where he reroutes paper) and last week when Angela and I believe Tyrell find out what happened. 
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    Ok, to follow up my previous post. Elliot in episode 2 I think set up his shipping plan. This was only a temporary stop gap to delay things so he could try and delay the shipments actually getting to NY (this is where he is getting higher ups arrested) so they would go with his plan to digitize the records to avoid a single point of failure. He altered the shipping requests so that the paper would go to the facilities, the manifests however all showed the paper being delivered to NY. 

    I did make a mistake as it aproars at the time 17 facilities did make it to NY, but I don’t think we ever found out if that left the building or is still there. 

    Im catching up to see the previous episode where Angela and Tyrell found out. Ok episode 4 is where Angela, Tyrell and Mr Robot find out what Elliot has been doing. Angela made a plan to try and move all of the paper over the weekend to NY (Tyrell was against this). When Tyrell said he’s taking over, Mr Robot attacked him, but glitched out and Elliot came to the front, Angela had to drug him. So now it appears that Tyrell may have told DA what happened (unless they already knew as that was one of his suggestions). I’m guessing they already knew and as soon as shipments started getting rerouted, they changed the plans behind the scenes. 
  • They knew because the Chief Technical Officer made a point of telling Elliott last episode that the remote location scanning was something like totally operational.  So the location of the documents wasn't a secret in E-Corp.
  • They knew because the Chief Technical Officer made a point of telling Elliott last episode that the remote location scanning was something like totally operational.  So the location of the documents wasn't a secret in E-Corp.
    It wasn’t that it was a secret (it wasn’t anknown until later anyways), but I think people have more of a timing issue (DA didn’t have enough time to put that together). 
  • This has to be said - Elliot and Angela together have the biggest four eyes on the planet.

    Outstanding episode.
  • I guess I'll be the naysayer here.  Not my favorite episode.  The open with Angela and her dying New Age mother at her "living wake" was really good but very poorly placed.  It would've been more effective in an earlier episode when we could've used a little more about her character and to give the source of her magical thinking some time to sink in.  On a more positive note, at least it wasn't left as a cliffhanger--we at least see what happened--though the devastation really needs to be amped up in the next episode, IMO.
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