Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Going to an ugly Christmas sweater party in a month or so and have been looking at Christmas sweaters for a while, kinda disappointing how much most sites are just ripping each other off on the same ~30ish ideas with some varying styles/etc.

Anybody have any favorites?

If I were a woman/gay I'd totally get this one:

Definitely one of the funniest ones I've seen but I'm not sure if it'd work/make sense for me to wear.

I like this one a lot too but I'm not sure how many people would still get the reference by this point?

This one's pretty cool but they spelled wight wrong/omitted walker:



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  • cdrivecdrive Houston, TX
    edited November 2017
    @ghm3 I like that last one the most.  Had me grinnin' 

    We threw one of these ugly christmas sweater parties 10 years ago.  Here's my ugly sweater.  Faces have been hidden to protect the innocent.  Ugly af w/ that white cowl neck and 2 chilly willy knock-offs ice fishing.  This was before you could go to Amazon and browse through 400 pages of ugly christmas sweaters.  They have so many out there now you don't have to go thrift store hunting.  I think 10 years is enough separation to throw another one.  I can get lost down a rabbit hole looking at ugly Christmas sweaters on Amazon.  I just realized I said Amazon twice, now 3 times.  That's probably still a bad word around here.  

  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    edited November 2017
    There's ugly, then there's "Wu-Tang Jason mask bootleg Gucci" ugly:
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    You can never go wrong with Rick and Morty:

    ^^^Unless you're this guy. This guy goes wrong with everything.
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  • Just stumbled on this one and it got me pretty good

  • It's almost Bald Move specific!  (but from Key and Peele)

  • I thought the best one was the one with Tyrion where he says "I drink and I know things". I would have loved that sweater on a guy! :) 
  • @Jim @A_Ron_Hubbard

    Was the ugly Christmas sweater competition for members scrapped completely? I thought the Barley = Intellect one I did would have gone over well. :o
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    That suit sure is ugly. Sure wish someone would make a sweater out of it.
  • Just picked up this h3h3 vaping Santa sweater

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