Spoilers for the trash folk

TWD spoiler alert--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------TSDF Tracking: The Fate of the Trash Hipsters
We've touched a little bit on this a few months ago. However, we've learned some new information that we believe to be accurate at this time. We are still tracking this, but we're going to go ahead and throw it out there. Keep in mind anything could change and turn out differently by the time the episodes air. If we get any additional information or clarification we will update this post. Thanks to the sources that helped us with this!
In episode 6 Rick will make a visit to the junkyard. When he arrives, Jadis is painting while wearing nothing but an apron. (Hey, we all have hobbies. Naked painting just happens to be Jadis' hobby). After she changes, Rick uses his Polaroids as evidence to show that Negan is trapped and the outposts are fucked. He gives Jadis a choice. If her people want to live, they need to join Rick's side (FOR REAL THIS TIME, YO!!). Jadis turns Rick down at first and takes his clothes and locks him up. No idea why she insists on taking his clothes. Let's just go with eye candy. At some point Rick and Jadis seem to come to an agreement, and she decides to join Rick. However, it's unclear why she finally caved.
It appears some kind of an attack is launched on the Sanctuary by the trash hipsters. We've heard previously that there's a garbage truck that has crashed into the Sanctuary and caused walkers to kill several workers in episode 7/8. It seems that this is part of that attack.
The trash hipsters meet their demise in episode 10 or 11. (We've heard conflicting reports of which episode this actually happens. There's been a lot of episode fuckery this season so just roll with it.) Simon and a crew of Saviors make a visit to the junkyard. He screams at the trash hipsters about attacking the Sanctuary. Jadis tries to turn it around and explains that they brought Rick to them, but the Saviors shot at them. To which Simon responds with a loud "BULLLLLLSHIIIIITTTT!!!" Simon tells Jadis that Negan will accept if they come back over to the Saviors' side, but he will be taking all their weapons. The Saviors then proceed to strip away all the Scavengers' guns.
Simon continues probing Jadis about the junkyard and why she lives there. When she doesn't respond he gets pissed and talks about how he never did get a sincere apology. Jadis tells him very stoically and not really meaning it that she's sorry. So Simon pulls out a gun and shoots Brion. He again demands a sincere apology. When Jadis finally does, he shoots Tamiel. Jadis hits Simon and he gets even angrier and commands the Saviors to kill all her people. He leaves Jadis alive. Jadis ends up luring her turned trash hipster family into a meat grinder to end it for good. RIP Trash Hipsters...


  • If we are still mid all out war in episode 11, not even bald move coverage might keep me going.
  • Alkaid13Alkaid13 Georgia
    edited November 2017
    Wtf is this bullshit, I have to deal with these people for another 5 episodes?! Also prolonged All our War is asinine. Looks like AMC’s response to dwindling viewership numbers is to double down on their worst impulses. 
  • FlukesFlukes Calgary, Canada
    Really starting to wonder why I even watch this show. This sounds like most boring 2 episodes to date and I can totally see them doing it exactly as it's written here.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    edited November 2017
    I thought you were talking about us (the forum readers) when you said trash folk. At first I was like “Rude!” but then I remembered I am kinda trashy and rolled with it. 
  • kuman07kuman07 Kansas City

    Dee said:
    I thought you were talking about us (the forum readers) when you said trash folk. At first I was like “Rude!” but then I remembered I am kinda trashy and rolled with it. 

    I have fully embraced my trash lifestyle
  • It's like the writers heard that the audience wanted more action and thought that all they needed to do is to keep the same pace, but have longer shots of characters emptying their guns at windows/cars, etc.The entire plot to this point could have been told in maybe 2 episodes if you removed the long sequences of people firing at random spots.
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