Halo games/novels

So I'm re-listening to the Stranger Things Season 2 podcasts and in the final episode I hear A. Ron make a Halo reference talking about the Spartan program with wash outs.  Having read most of the Halo books out there I immediately caught this and I'm assuming he has also read at least some of the books.  Any other big Halo fans out there on the forums?  Halo has been my 1st person shooter game of choice ever since it first came out and the backstory they have in the books is amazing for anyone out there that has an interest.


  • I was way into the book series up until a few years ago, after the short story anthology and Kilo Five series I kind of fell off. I read the first forerunner book but couldn't get into the next one. Are there any others that are worth reading? 
  • I struggled through the forerunner trilogy, personally I don't think that they are worth it.  They give you a ton of background on the Didact and 343 Guilty Spark and I guess what the "mantle" is according to the forerunners.  By reading your comment I'm assuming you've read the original 3 (Fall of Reach, The Flood, and First Strike), Ghosts of Onyx and the Kilo Five Trilogy.  Really other than the forerunner trilogy I haven't found one that I haven't liked.  Surprisingly I really enjoyed the Kilo Five trilogy even though a ton of people hated it.  The other books are good but are basically one off stories and follow a specific Spartan team or conflict whereas the others followed more of a timeline with a specific team through several books. 
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