TWD Theories [Light Reeee-mix theories]

What if I had told you before the season that you'd say "Aaron and Darryl watch as Buttons is eaten by walkers"?

Which is more likely to occur?
  • Aaron decides to dump his gimpy boyfriend now that he can't bring home the bacon and hooks up with Darryl
  • Carol/Rick/Lori three-way to be remixed into Rick/Jessie/Pete love sammich
  • Darryl is outcast from the Alexandria group, only to return at the end of Season 6 with a neo-nazi gang, sporting a new name... Negan.


  • MichaelMichael Virginia
    I could see #3. Not really an outcast, but more like a spy. No, not Negan, but part of the group and do damage from the inside. 
  • My remix was instead of Tyrese's daughter and BF its Carl and the emo chick. 

    I am also thinking that the Wolves will come battle the town in the season 5 finale and our favourite group will come in and "save" the town. Thus we get the saviors introduced for season 6. 
  • I always wanted to see that Tyreese's daughter and boyfriend subplot on the show. However, the main point to that was that's how they first found out about how everyone turns when they die, walker bite or not. I'd still like to see them add it.

    One thing I like to see from the comic Carol story is the suicide by walker, which plays into the OP's #2. It obviously can't be Carol now, so maybe someone else going through major rejection issues.
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