Favorite moments or scenes from 2017 (Try to describe in a Non-Spoilery way)

Of course everyone's making lists of favorites for 2017 and rather than listing whole seasons, I was just wondering what everyone's favorite moments or scenes that have stuck with you throughout the year were. Here's a few of mine off the top of my head.

The Leftovers - Season 3 Cold Open coupled with the final shot of the series
Twin Peaks - 1) "Gotta Light"  2) Dougie's dinner with the Mitchum Brothers
Bojack Horseman - The ending of the "Ruthie" episode
Rick and Morty - The therapist's speech in "Pickle Rick"
American Gods - 1) The Laura, Mad Sweeney, and Salim Road Show 2) All the Jesuses


  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I watched the second series of Unforgotten very early in the year and there was a scene that has stuck in my brain all these months and the first thing I thought of reading this thread. It’s a crime mystery show so I don’t want to say much, but the scene is Mark Bonnar being interviewed by police and it is phenomenal. He shot straight to the top of my list of under-rated actors after seeing that. 

    (Also, people should watch Unforgotten because it’s bloody good.) 
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    -Littlefinger at the end of Game of Thrones S7

    -Star Trek Discovery: Groundhog Day episode

    -Legion - Everything with Jemaine Clement

    Frakkin T
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    Chuck at the end of Better Call Saul ☹
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    Donna's speech at the pool in Halt & Catch Fire, and what happens immediately afterwards.

    Nora and the box in The Leftovers.

    Therapist's speech in Rick & Morty

    R+L=J sequence in Game of Thrones.

    Boris and karaoke in The Orville, for most laughter.
  • Every scene with the character Ed Kemper (Big Ed), in Mindhunter. He was simply amazing, in a creepy way. Everything about him kinda haunts me.. 

    When Jon Snow tells Daenerys "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry", in GoT season. 7. Ep. 6, I think. Heartbreaking moment with Jon's sad facial expression. 

    Everything in Halt and catch fire. (But especially Joe, such a great, complex character). 

  • Hello, yes, I still have all of this year's TV bouncing around in my head from making my best of list, so here's an entirely too long list of scenes that stood out to me. (This was an amazing year of TV, holy shit)
    - The final scene of the season (s03e10).
    Legion - David meets Oliver in the ice cube (s01e04), the "Bolero" silent film sequence (s01e07).
    Better Things - The "No, Jeff. No." scene (s02e07).
    The Deuce - The Reggie Love/Leon scene. (s01e07) Alternatively, Candy and Method Man's confrontation. (s01e05)
    BoJack Horseman - The flashback/present day musical duet. (s04e02), BoJack's internal monologue (s04e06), or anything involving Woodchuck Couldchuck Berkowitz.
    Better Call Saul - Jimmy vs. Chuck in the courtroom (s03e05), the final scene of the season (s03e10).
    Mr. Robot - Everything in the single take episode (s03e05), Leon's love of Knight Rider (s03e07), Elliott and Angela on opposite sides of the door (s03e08).
    Halt and Catch Fire - That One Spoilery Thing That Happens (s04e07), Bos gets some good news from the doctor (s04e09), the "Phoenix" scene and the closing montage (both s04e10).
    The Leftovers - The opening scene of the season (s03e01), Kevin and Nora's hotel room fight (s03e04), David Burton meets Frasier's descendant (s03e05), the final scene (s03e08).
    Twin Peaks - Every single scene, but specifically: Cooper's journey through the purple sea (s03e03), the Trinity sequence (s03e08), Andy meets the Fireman (s03e14), Mr. C visits Philip Jeffries (s03e15), "I am the FBI." (s03e16).
  • Lenny's love letter scene from the Young Pope
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    Crazy Ex Girlfriend where Rebecca sings the song telling Josh everything she has done to him. 
  • MrXMrX CO
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    Twin Peaks The Return: "the bomb" and the "this is the water this is the well" in Part 8.

    Halt and Catch Fire: Donna and Cam's final moments, with the Phoenix and the diner. Also Gordon's final scene.

    Better Call Saul: Courtroom scene.

    The Good Place: Season 1 finale reveal (that was 2017!) - Ted Danson, so good. And from season 2 the trolley dilemma scene.

    Mindhunter: final scene with Holden and Ed Kemper.

    The Leftovers: "that's the guy I was telling you about".

    Game of Thrones: "loot train"
  • The two things that really stick out are the end of episode 4 for Game of Thrones, and the courtroom scene for Better Call Saul. Both were things I had been waiting to happen for awhile and both were really satisfying. Other things that weren't as great but things I liked:

    The Good Place: Jason figuring it out (a true low point), any mention of Stone Cold Steve Austin, trolley dilemma
    Fargo: I can help
    Silicon Valley: Is it a Hot Dog?
    John Oliver: We got him!
    Leftovers: Opening credits replaced by "Perfect Strangers" 
    Stanger Things: Prom dance
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  • No mention of the thwack noise when Kevin is authenticated in the leftovers 
  • Oh man there are some good choices here that I forgot about. Particularly the end of Better Call Saul .

    And there’s a whole slew of others that I haven’t seen yet.

    A couple more that come mind for me are:

    - The ending of the Thanksgiving episode of Master of None

    - One of Arya’s reunions in GOT
  • "He took a deep breath of the air, tasting the salt on his tongue and closed his eyes, leaning into the spray as the Merciful picked up speed and sailed for the horizon. He was alone and all was well..."
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