What Happened to Cracked.com?

Apparently yesterday the site laid off a bunch of talented writers and editors. To me this seems like the mark of the end which really bums me out.  I (25yo) remember Cracked as a big influence in my comedy.  Dan O'Brian, Bowie, and especially Michael Swaim were some of my favorite content creators early on.  It seemed as time grew they were pushed to managerial roles and new talent wasn't replenished.  "Trump country" might still be one of my favorite articles ever, but it just seems like this is the end for a site that was once a big part of my life.

Anyway has anyone else noticed ?


  • I used to read a lot of Cracked but any time I've popped in there over the last few years it seemed like it was kinda garbage. This feels like it's been a long time coming.
  • Oh wow!    :(
    I used to go to that site all the time too.  But I stopped because the site was murdering my phone.
    Things seemed to start going downhill once that guy took over (can't remember his name, just that he announced he was editor-in-chief as often as he could).  He's gone now, but is now over at howstuffworks, which makes me worry for howstuffworks.
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I don’t read it much anymore but I saw Soren Bowie mention it on Twitter. My guess is it’s just been superseded by listicle-type sites like Buzzfeed. It’s been a bit shit for a few years now. John Cheese just moans about his shitty life in a list and calls it a job. 
  • Natter CastNatter Cast San Francisco, CA
    Yeah, the phone app sucked for a while but works well now. My general sense is that they're in the midst of a format change. It used to be a lot of red shirt observational humor (like, what happened to TK421's body in Star Wars? And the implications of the Backtothefutureverese).

    Now it's more list articles. Some of them are really very interesting and good original commentary/journalism (though I bet the fact checking isn't all it could be.) Like, "what it's like to be married to a serial killer" or "what it's like to escape from prison."

    But a lot of the subject matter has become pretty down..."what it's like to be born without legs." 

    So there's fewer belly laughs.

    Lately, it's come down to typical geek list articles (top five villains who were too stupid to live, etc).

    There's still a lot of gems in there, but the quality of the content is all over the place. There doesn't seem to be the same controlled vision that it had back in the Lost days.
  • FreddyFreddy Denton, Texas
    Oh wow, I guess I missed this. I check cracked every day. It's gone down hill over the last few years, but I still like it well enough. The podcast was a must listen up until Alex Schmidt took over. That guy annoys the piss out of me. Anything David Wong does on the site tends to be pure gold, and anything related to The Simpsons is top notch as well. They've been adding a bunch of new podcasts as of late, and so far, so good. I especially like "Best Episode Ever".
  • Haven't read the site in some time but the podcast is fantastic.
  • Frakkin TFrakkin T Currently Offline
    I never went on the site often but the youtube channel was gold. When Jack left this year Dan O'Brien took over the channel and has done some great new stuff, continued old stuff that kept working, and put some women and people of color on-screen. They fired pretty much everyone that you'd know by sight and it sucks. 
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