Walking Dead

Hi Jim and Aron I have been a long time listener and just joined because I couldn’t stand what is happening on Walking Dead and needed to throw in my two pence into the fray  (By the way I have all of your podcasts and am a devout listener!) Originally from UK but live in NYC.  Love you guys and you make the whole experience fun. I used to look forward to Sunday nights but now I prefer to either watch you live or listen to your podcasts when they drop. One note, this week’s podcast did not drop for me. Anyhow, while the show is sinking, please continue to cover it. Your recaps make my day. I savor  your funny takes and your banter  as I work out which gets me through my routine. Couple of observations. Morgan could be considered a sniper (I know a long stretch) because in the first season he had a scope to take out his wife but didnt and took other walkers. I agree with  you both I no longer care if  Rick or Carl make it. I agree with the other podcaster listers and they should move this forward and change the cast and make this like a (whatever it’s called AHS).  The Dumpsters are deplorable. And I agree with You both I can’t understand Eugene!  I have watchedit it twice and can’t understand him. He is a character of himself. I can’t take him seriously.  My predictions ... Dwayne gets killed in the season finale. Love you guys. ...you are the best. Love your banter. 
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