Supernatural On-goings

At this point I have given up on any expectations that time travel, alternate realities, matrix, etc are going to happen on this show.

We now know Angela's involvement throughout the show has only been due to her connection to the law suit over Washington Township Plant and the threat posed to White Rose's plans for it. That's why Price hired All Safe. It's why she was hired by E Corp and climbed the corporate ladder so fast. And it's why Price paid so much attention to her with dinners, offerings of his own exec's heads, failed birthday dinner plans, etc. He was tasked with getting her to drop the suit.

White Rose relayed to Phillip Price at Mar a Lago her aggravation from having to step in and manipulate Angela because Price failed to. And if you re-watch the introductory scene between White Rose and Angela from season 2, you can even sense the annoyance in White Rose.

I think the Alternate Universe/Reality, Time, and Back to the Future references are merely Sam Esmail (Rami) playfully trolling the audience through the 4th wall of the show. White Rose clearly has a greater agenda, but I think we should temper our expectations and be prepared for it to be more mundane that we were all expecting/hoping.
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