Any Bald Movers out there into the Show ‘Billions’ on Showtime? Sneaky great show with an excellent cast. Season 3 is just around the corner and I know the guys are planning their 2018 schedule. Would love to see Billions added on but don’t know if anyone else into the show. Last season produced one my favorite episodes of the 2017 year...”Golden Frog Time”


  • I watched season 1...I liked it enough to watch it, but not enough to jump back on board with season 2 when it started.  IMO it's a decent enough show, but probably not one that really lends itself to analysis.  Maybe something that could be covered in Bald Move TV vs having it's own podcast dedicated to it?
  • Not sure I would call it a great show, but it is highly enjoyable. Not sure I could see the guys doing a podcast on it outside of BMTV as the fan base is quite small (much like this viewership). I look forward to next season however. 
  • It is definitley a much smaller show than say the Walking Dead but it is far and away a much better show which I know is not saying much. I think the guys would enjoy it a lot. Damian Lewis, Paul Giamatti, Maggie Siff are all excellent and make the show that much better. Especially Lewis. 
  • There a premiere date yet? 
  • There a premiere date yet? 
    January/February is what’s being reported
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  • Bumping this up as Season 3 starts tonight. I saw the premiere earlier today and was happy to have the show back. 
  • Just got done watching the premiere and I really enjoyed it. Just such a smart and well acted show. Can’t wait to see how the season unfolds!
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