Jean-Claude Van Johnson

My new show to watch is Jean-Claude Van Johnson on Amazon.  It's so entertaining.  Humor, legit action, intrigue....and JCVD is great.  He does a good job with a script that walks a fine line between parody of himself and his movies and over the top silliness.  I think anyone who ever enjoyed Van Damme movies should give it a shot.  


  • When I was a kid, my father and older brother watched a lof ot action movies and Jean-Claude Van Damme was always my favorite. Maybe because he was a good 10 years younger than the other classics Stallone and Schwarzenegger. I guess I had a bit of a crush on him, but haven't seen him in anything in like 15 years...  This looks like a fun show to binge over the holidays!
  • Wow, the pilot came out so long ago, I had forgotten about this.  The pilot was hilarious, I'll be checking it out.  
  • Binged this over the holidays. I thought it was amazingly funny, especially all the shade that was thrown at JC regarding his earlier movies, without it ever really becoming a parody. That last split scene above the helicopter was everything. This has totally rekindled all my childhood love for this guy.
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