Binging season 3 and having a better experience

So I was about 6 episodes behid and watched 3 last night and have 8 9 and 10 left and wow I'm very impressed. Clearly there is a big difference between the weekly and binge model but between seasons 1 which I also binged season 2 which I watched weekly and 3 which I binged I may do the same next year 


  • I think disregarding binging, seasons one and three are a big step above two. Even watching week to week or binging all three seasons you'd probably find season two a little lacking. 
  • CretanBullCretanBull Toronto
    I loved season 2.  I think part of it was ruined by all of the analysis of it, and once people figured out what was going on they got impatient waiting for the reveal and frustrated because they knew what was up and the show was dragging it out (it only felt that way to people who knew what was going on).  Talk to people who watch the show, but don't do deep-dives into reddit theories etc...they loved it.
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