Episode 514 - "Spend"

Director: Jennifer Lynch
Writer: Unknown


  • Fun facts about Jennifer Lynch. She is the daughter of David Lynch. At the age of 21, she wrote a companion novel to Twin Peaks, The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, which was published a week before the season 2 premiere.

    She then went on to direct Boxing Helena, starring Twin Peaks alum Sherilyn Fenn. This bombed and was also universally panned (I didn't think it was that bad. Lots of flaws, but not that bad).

    The turkey, plus a car accident (giving her back problems), then a daughter, led her to suspend her film career for about 15 years. I haven't seen the films she's directed recently, but I'm hearing better things.

    I'm rooting for her tonight.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    Broken window policing is super deluxe controversial. Ask Eric Garner.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    Eugene trying to shoot looked like silent Bob trying to move objects through Telekenesis.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    A fax to Cleveland = Browns joke. Shame on you a ron. Jim, double Shane. #EdgeJames
  • MichaelMichael Virginia
    Motherdick! My new favorite expletive. 
  • MichaelMichael Virginia
    edited March 2015
    Aiden's death was just how Carol explained how it would be to the boy tied to the tree. 
  • DennisTarboxDennisTarbox Richmond, VA
    Super fake Noah face.
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    Gabriel, Tara, Sam, the doctor, carol... All of their motivations came out of nowhere. Carol elevated the wife beating thing to Anchorman streetfight levels. Sam turned into sad Dennis the Menace. Gabriel threw his collar away and traveled with these bad people on his own free will for hundreds of miles! Tara was being a mother dick! Arghh
  • ajknickajknick Madison WI
    Wow this episode was fantastic. I didn't think Id care when Noah bit it but that was incredible. carol giving out death penalties for drunk doctor MAYBE tuning up the old lady? Wow. Hope Rick needs a bit more evidence.
  • Fist pumped when Noah died!
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    HOLY CRAP IT WAS BOTH!!! I'm so happy right now.

    Damn I enjoyed this episode so much. Can't wait for the shit to hit the fan next episode. This gonna be good. All the key positions have been filled. Alexandria has no muscle left. Douche-bag doctor is marked for death by the hands of our Angel of Light. My anticipation is just too much. Fingers crossed for some brutal tying of loose ends.

    Long live the second coming of the Ricktatorship!
  • edited March 2015
    Couple of questions...considering the circumstances of this show. How realistic is it that someone could keep up a smoking and drinking habbit in the apocolapyse. I'm talking specifically about blonde lady that Rick likes husband. He was shown in this episode as a drunk and smoking when he first talked to rick. Who is keeping Alexandria stocked with booze and cigs? 
  • edited March 2015
    I'm 99.9% That Francine aka the lady Abraham saves is a lesbian. what are the odds she hooks up with the other lesbian  Tara on the show. Ps. I'm 100% PRO gay people as I am one. 
  • I realize the oven Carol uses is run on gas...but considering there was no Electricity in the ep. how did she make that kid cookies? I know it's a nit pick but seriously.....I don;t know how she did. Maybe I don't  know how gas/electric stoves work. I'm in fl we only have electric ovens here. 
  • Seriously....Eugene Kicked asss this ep. Turning up the techno music? genius,
  • Seriously....fuck you father Gabriel. I feel like the only reason his character was introduced into this show was to tell the mayor of Alexandria that Rick was evil. Again let me reinterate. Fuck FATHER GABRIEL. 
  • All i can say is..what the hell, Gabriel?
  • DeeDee Adelaide
    I feel like the guy playing Eugene is trying to do some kind of Ignatius Reilly thing.
  • I realize the oven Carol uses is run on gas...but considering there was no Electricity in the ep. how did she make that kid cookies? I know it's a nit pick but seriously.....I don;t know how she did. Maybe I don't  know how gas/electric stoves work. I'm in fl we only have electric ovens here. 

    Also, when Gabriel is talking to Deana in her house, the overheads light is clearly on. 
  • AndrewAndrew New York
    Some expansions on my immediate ramblings:

    Broken Window Policing - The theory that if you punish people for minor crimes, such as jaywalking or loitering, it will prevent larger crimes, like murder or rape.  This theory was used most publicly during the Guliani administration in NYC.  While it led to crime going down (also due in part to COMSTAT,) it is also closely linked to a police state.  It is also extremely subjective, since everybody is guilty of minor infractions at one point or another.  Rick may choose to let Carol go for stealing, but is ready to punish someone else for destruction of property.

    Gabriel - This silly motherfucker is ridiculous.  Didn't he see the terminus people ready to kill the group?  Didn't he go confirm that they were cannibals?  Didn't they save Gabriel on multiple occasions?  He traveled with them for months, slept beside them, etc.  Now all of a sudden, he claims that Rick's groups are bad people because Maggie didn't want to let him in the friend zone?

    "There will be a point where they will choose to put their lives over yours."  Like the time you locked your whole congregation out of the church?  And not only did this plot turn come out of nowhere, but I assumed they'd explain his two episode absence with him snooping around or something.  I guess he was ripping out bible pages for a week straight.

    Sam - I like that he is abused and he's seeking emotional connection from someone.  But, it would not/should not be Carol.  If your father was Scar, you wouldn't try to cozy up to the hyenas.  How bad must Pete be if he's looking to Carol for companionship?  And if he just wanted a gun, why didn't he steal one when he was stealing the chocolate?

    Tara - The only guy that can fix the solar grid is Eugene.  Why are you encouraging him to risk his life?  And hey, btw, he saved everyone with that water hose.  He's already proved himself brave when necessary.

    Owl theory - Owl is one letter short of "howl."   When the last owl is broken, a howl will sound, the wolves will come. Boom.
  • brewseveltbrewsevelt Boston, MA
    Great episode. Didn't watch the live watch, but I could just sense A.Ron and Jim chuckles as Eugene and Co. were loading the cold-rolled aluminum steel onto the flat bed.
    trippy said:

    I didn't really catch- what did Members Only and his Cowardly friend say to each other?  Something about leaving behind someone?  They'd left people behind before?

    They basically copped to leaving the rest of their crew behind to die. The "good men" they lost as they told it to Noah/Glenn/Tara a few eps ago. Essentially what Nicholas tried to do to 1) Aiden by telling the group that he was dead. 2) Noah/Glenn by leaving them in the revolving door and 3) Eugene when he tried to hijack the dubstep van.
  • FlashGordonFlashGordon Leeds, UK
    edited March 2015
    I knew Noah was dead the moment old cold rolled steel said "you're in this for long term then".

    Noah i'm sorry for hating on your boring character before, little did i realise you were earmarked for the most gruesome death of TWD. I mean you wouldnt want to die without permenantly haunting Glens dreams for the rest of his days, now would you? bravo sir, bravo
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    edited March 2015
    So apparently the Alexandrian method of survival is to put yourself first and leave people behind if you get into trouble.  So far, Aaron is the only one who doesn't do that, another reason for him to feel like an outsider.  Seems like the perfect place for Gabriel, the false prophet!  Poor Seth Gilliam, what a boring role he has.  There is nothing interesting about this character to me.  Gabriel is a one-dimensional sniveling coward who hopes to push his sins off onto Rick's group so he start over with a new, blissfully ignorant flock in paradise?  At least Eugene offered wiliness and comic relief in addition to his cowardice, Gabriel is just... ugh.  I'm curious to see how Deanna reacts, though.

    And I know that subtlety is not this show's thing, but does Pete really have to be a drunken asshole wife- and possible child-abuser?  Why not just go all the way and make him a child molester, also?  It would be much more interesting if they didn't make the Alexandrians so inept, cowardly, and in the case of Pete, clearly bad.  Suddenly it's much more black and white, and Team Rick clearly needs to take control before things get worse.  I was hoping for a little more gray. 

  • chriskchrisk Indianapolis
    Was wondering if there would be some criticism regarding Noah being killed coming off the heels of Tyreese, and Bob before him. Seeing a little bit of it. Someone in Sepinwall's comments section called it the "Black Highlander" theory (i.e. there can be only one black male), which I hadn't heard before.

    I'm sympathetic to the writers on one hand. Noah or Bob could've been a white guy from start, and for a time they had the most diverse cast on TV. Glenn is one of the few major Asian characters on any show. On the other hand, it's an issue they should be more cognizant of by now. I actually thought Noah being tutored by Reg was a fairly interesting development for a minor character and I would have liked seeing those skills put to use down the line.

    I hope there is some discussion either among Rick's group or in general of the fact that Pete is a doctor, and you probably shouldn't just go killing a guy like that. Do the best version of an intervention and sobriety program you can come up with and try to rehabilitate that dude. Either you're trying to restart society or you're not.

  • WarpFoxWarpFox Nashville, TN
    I'm not that bothered by Carol acting like a bitch to Sam and wanting Rick to kill Pete. She's let herself get close to children in the past (Lizzie & Mika) and was clearly devastated with how that turned out, so it's no surprise that she'd want to distance herself from any new kids by trying to be mean. Also, she was a victim of domestic abuse and that problem was solved by her husband being killed, so I'm not exactly surprised that she wants Pete to die too. 

    There are plenty of things to critique about the writing on this show and I'll be among the first to do so, but I honestly don't see Carol's actions this episode as out of character.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    edited March 2015
    There may have been behind-the-scenes reasons for killing off Tyreese and Noah.  Both Chad Coleman and Tyler James Williams got lead roles in other shows, Expanse and the Criminal Minds spinoff, where hopefully they will have more job security.  It is problematic, though.  Even though Bob and Tyreese lasted for quite a while, the proportion of black male-to-white male character death is troubling.  The diversity of the cast was impressive in the beginning of 5-A, and now it looks to be returning to the status quo of most shows.  I expect Gabriel to be killed off now that he squandered his mini-redemptive arc in "Coda" when he stayed to sacrifice himself so Michonne and Carl could escape.  Morgan seems to be the only black male character with potential lasting power.  

    I really, really hope they don't kill off Glenn.  (The only characters I think who have plot armor are Rick and Carl, and probably Michonne, Carol, and Daryl.)  Glenn is not just a lead Asian-American character, which is rare enough, but he's also not a stereotyped Asian character.  He's not comic relief, he doesn't do kung fu, and he doesn't offer any mystical Eastern mumbo-jumbo.  Glenn has grown into a strong, decent, leadership-material character, and Steven Yeun is one the stronger actors in the cast.  It might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but when you are rarely represented on television (I'm half Asian, surprise!), it's a huge deal.

    They also need to do something with Rosita, or Christian Serratos is going to get another job where she actually gets to have lines.

  • CoryCory New Scotland

    Morgan seems to be the only black male character with potential lasting power.

    And he's only in a few scenes/episodes a season.
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    Cory said:

    Morgan seems to be the only black male character with potential lasting power.

    And he's only in a few scenes/episodes a season.
    Presumably Morgan will finally be integrated, no pun intended, into the show before the season ends.  Which makes Noah's death inside a revolving door all the more distastefully (again no pun intended, I swear!) ironic.
  • I figured that Noah was dead the minute they sent him out on that scavenging expedition with Glenn and Tara. Why would you send out someone with an obviously bum leg? I certainly wouldn't want him watching my back. Not that zombies move fast on this show, but the last person I would want to be in the shit with is someone with a bum leg.

    I'm kinda surprised that Glenn brought that asshole back to Alexandria. Bringing him back would cause more problems than leaving him out there as zombie bait. It would be the pragmatic and just choice. You know he's going to try his lies/B.S. to contradict Glenn's factual story of Noah's death.
  • ArctorArctor The Netherlands
    The only Asian stereotype they put on Glenn is the "Asians are smart" one. He has been consistently coming up with life-saving plans and weird trivial technical knowledge.

    From season 1 (let me guide Rick out of this bad neighborhood) to this season (I know where RV-batteries are and come up with revolving door escapes while everyone else is panicking and dying). The examples of this stereotype are endless, it may be a positive one - in as far as stereotypes can be considered positive - but it is one nonetheless and he fits it.
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