Some missing podcasts?

Does anybody know what's up with some of the Bald Movies and Bald Move TV podcasts? The pages for some of them (I've noticed Batman Returns, Star Wars Holiday Special, and Home Alone) have no audio link, and they aren't in the iTunes feeds either.

Anybody know if there's something going on with this, or am I just nuts? I tried to search in the forums for an answer to this, but couldn't find one.


  • Are you a club member? The links are fine, but those you mentioned (plus all the Christmas casts, lunches, QYP's etc)  are for members only.
  • Ah, that explains it! I'm used to the movies having a short spoiler-free section that is open.

    Well, yet another reason to join the club...

  • @counterpoint The first month is free (if I remember correctly) so you've got nothing to lose! Plenty of stuff to binge in a month and you can decide then if you want to stick with it!
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