La casa de papel (Netflix heist thriller series, Spanish)


  • Whatever you do, don't watch the dubbed version. The voice actors in the dub are laughably bad. 
    I've seen 3 episodes (in Spanish) and I think it's just okay, so far. Will see if it gets any better.
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
    I tried it has a for lack of a better word Dynasty or CW edge to it with everyone hooking up. It didn’t grab my interest so I stopped after the first episode. I may swing back, I may not. I just started Transparent and it’s really good. 
  • pavlovsbellpavlovsbell Brooklyn, NY
    I thought the first episode was intriguing enough to watch the second, but I haven't watch more since last week. A Spanish commenter on a different forum said that Netflix chopped up the original into shorter ones, so that may be why the pacing felt off to me.

    I really enjoyed The End of the F***king World, though. I'm not a binge person, but I watched it in two days. It clocks in at under three hours, and it plays more like a movie than an episodic show.
  • I binged Casa over a weekend, and I was super satisfied with it as a whole, and never felt it dropped off at any point.   This show really grows on you....its just lots of fun most of the time, and then there are the OMFG moments.  Its not perfect, but its got a great balance and one of my favorite shows this season.   The translations can be a little off at times, but in an amusing way
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