Project Runway All Stars... and Double All Stars

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  • MichelleMichelle California
    I love me some Anthony!  (aka Julia Sugarbaker lol)  :grin:

    Merline and Candace should *so* have been eliminated tonight.  Both looks were so unattractive and poorly constructed.  At least Georgina commented that one more bad look from Merline and she's voting her out.

    Loved Ken's and Fabio's looks tonight. 
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  • MichelleMichelle California
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    I *loved* Kini's umbrella dress.  That's one of my favorite looks of the entire show (all seasons including All Stars).  It was innovative and a work of art.  

    One thing that has struck me about this season is that for the most part, the looks have been just so-so.this season so far.  If these were true all-stars, we would be seeing amazing garments and I feel like most of these are what we'd see in their regular season when they were first starting out.  In my opinion, there hasn't been much progress from anyone except maybe Anthony, Fabio, and Ken.   I will say this though - I loved Edmund & Helen's looks, especially Helen's.  It was sooooo girly and pretty, and I love gowns like that.  I don't even mind that it was in that blush color - I thought it only added to how ethereal it was.  Anthony's comment about what he thought they looked like though - LOL.

    I wasn't into Ari's look or Josh's.  I mean, I'm no prude (not by any means, far from it) but I thought they both showed wayyyyyyy too much skin, especially Ari's.  I mean, you had that strategically placed beading beneath the belly button but it was so skimpy that you could see where the model's thighs touched and I was worried that we'd see a bit of V, then when she turned around you could just about see right through the beading. :astonished:

    I think they're getting guest judges who have something to promote, not necessarily because they have a huge interest or any significant experience with design or fashion.  This is true for most shows, actually (substitute 'design and fashion' with any other trade).  There have been some exceptions though... Michael Costello, Christian Siriano, Sarah Jessica Parker, and a few big name designers that have judged in past seasons.   I want them to bring more previous designers/contestants in as guest judges though.  I'd love to see Austin Scarlett, Malan Breton, and Laura Bennett (although I think she quit design & is into archery now) again.

    Have I mentioned though that I love the pairing of Isaac Mizrahi and Georgina Chapman?  They're absolutely my favorite judges.  It doesn't hurt that Georgina co-created Marchesa, which is my favorite gown label.  I just think they're awesome peeps.
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  • MichelleMichelle California
    I agree - not only contestants who had the availability, but I also think they get contestants who have the possibility of creating drama and therefore ratings.  It's so lame though - by definition, an all-star should be just that.  

    And I do also love those colors of yarn, but I always like the idea of a blush pink with a richer color.
  • MichelleMichelle California
    Resurrecting this to say one thing:  how the f*ck is Merline still on the show????????
    Girl's talent is amateur hour and she needed to be eliminated weeks ago!

    And also, Anthony ftw.
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