The expanse

The guys mentioned covering season 3 in March. Should I try and catch up? 


  • I'm at the tail end of S1, mostly based on @A_Ron_Hubbard's endorsement. Parts of it are really good, but I think it suffers from lack of star power (like The Man in the High Castle). Plot is good, universe is solid, but it is a little slow at times. There can be a lack of urgency. 

    I'd be patient with it. It's gotten good reviews, but not a lot of pub.
  • I'm only thinking of catching up because they are going to be covering it 
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  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    It's fantastic. Slow at first though. 
  • After the first third of the second season it really takes off. The first season can seem aimless BUT it lays the critical groundwork. 
  • JaimieTJaimieT Atlanta, GA
    It's rare that I scream at a show for a character to do something. I think Game of Thrones is the only other one, with Tyrion? But yeah, The Expanse had one such moment, and I love that character. 
  • ElisaElisa Los Angeles
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    I agree first season is a slow build with a lot of world building but flies midway to the end. Second season is pure fire. I loved the first season so much I read the first two books between season one and two and read the third book in between two and the upcoming three. I also read all the novellas up to the timeline of book 3. I'm an addict now.
  • I liked pretty much the whole thing from the start.  
  • So finally got into it. And yea, episode 4-5 is where it clicks and then they hammer you with episode 6 on some emotional shit. “You know it’s possible to cry so hard your tears turn into blood..”

    definitely all in and hope to catch up before season 4 comes so I’m up to speed with everyone elseZ 
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