Best way to listen on Android?

Been listening to Baldmove Podcasts for awhile now.  Been wanting to become club member for awhile as well, just signed up for the trial.  What's the best way to listen to the premium Podcasts on Android?  Like a feed to subscribe to where all the podcasts show up.  I used Podcast Addict but am open to switching.  Main reason I haven't become a club member sooner is I don't want to have to go to their site and download an MP3 then have those separate from where all my other podcasts are at as just MP3 files.  Thanks.


  • I've been happy with Beyond Pod, you can put in the premium feed address with your sign-in info, interface and organization features are pretty good too.
  • Podcast addict is awesome, it's the one I use. Just have to go to the podcast tool and add the feeds. I use the firehose feed just to check if anything new has come out, but use the individual feeds to keep things more organized.
  • Mofojones333Mofojones333 Fort Worth, Texas
    Pocket Casts is what I use. You can use the podcast subscription tool to add your own ad free feeds.
  • Thanks guys.  Turns out the app wasn't what I needed help with, it was getting the premium feed.  Still kind of new to podcasts, didn't know how to get subscribed to the premium one.  Got that figured out now so I'm good to go.  Thanks again!
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