M:I-6 Fallout Super Bowl trailer

this looks badass! Can’t wait for this new one. Tom Cruise is like a fine wine. Just gets better w/ age.


  • I haven’t been a big fan of the series but that was a pretty excellent trailer. The bathroom scene fight looks epic. 
  • @Hatorian thanks for commissioning Prisoners btw. I hadn’t seen it before.
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    Although I really don't care for Tom Cruise as a person, he sure does know how to pick good roles in great movies.  I've loved all the Mission Impossible movies.  It's impressive how good the series is after having 5, after this one 6 movies.  And personally I think they've almost gotten better with each one.  A little unrealistic yes but that's what these types of movies are for...Entertainment.
  • Couldn’t agree more @letrbuck2006 he’s a crazy person in real life, but his movies are entertaining as all hell. That scene where he’s climbing the rope to the helicopter and falls and grabs on at the last second? Awesome!
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